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Baby Dragons! Super Cute Toddlers

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Uploaded: 17th Oct 2014 at 6:43 PM
Updated: 17th Oct 2014 at 7:34 PM
Happy October everyone! I've been working on getting some new Halloween costumes ready and this is a project I've wanted to see done for a long time. After scouring the internet and still not finding it (to be fair, it is a really useless outfit for kids) I decided to just bite the bullet and slay that dragon myself.

I've created a new mesh for the body and the hair/hat and included all 4 FFS colors. These are all repo-linked to the original child textures, so if you have default replacements on them, these will pick them up too. This also drastically cuts down on file size, yay!

The four colors are all flagged as FFS in the catalog as both Everyday and Outwear (cuz these are super cute as snowsuits!), and the hairs are all famili-fied and extra ages removed and all that jazz. I've put all of each dragon color into one file, so if you don't like pink dragons, with one click, you will delete the bodysuit and all 4 pink hat wearing hair colors (yes, there are 16 hairs technically).

The hat mesh was push/pulled and resized from Lina/Trappings' Dragons Exist so if you want your kids hat to match their little siblings (which I HIGHLY recommend!), you will need either her original version or Imalia's defaulted version.



Polygon Counts:
puFFSBodyDragon: 2021 polys
puFFSHairDragon: 758 polys

Additional Credits:
Lina for her lovely inspirational conversion of the TS3 dragon child hat.
CatofEvilGenius for her awesome Hair binning program. That thing literally saved me at least an hour, maybe two. <3s!