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fp7's Not-So-Tacky Tracksuits; decustomized

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Uploaded: 20th Oct 2014 at 9:05 PM
While FreeTime gave kids the ability to wear athletic clothes, it didn't give them any choice of default styles. With the exception of a single ballet outfit for girls, the choice was a soccer uniform or a different soccer uniform. Since fakepeeps7 age-converted the AM tracksuits from FreeTime and Apartment Life, I asked if I could decustomize them, and she agreed.

I did nothing to these files other than decustomize them; all credit belongs to fp7. If you don't already have it, you will need fp7's original mesh, found in this thread; the mesh is contained in the zip file.

There are four separate rar files:

(1) contains the original colors from FreeTime, while (2) contains the original colors from Apartment Life. (3) and (4) contain fp7's custom recolors for the FreeTime and Apartment Life styles, respectively. The filenames are the same, so if you already have some of the tracksuits, all you should have to do is let these files overwrite the originals.

Note:: For consistency with the original Maxis styles, tracksuits using the FreeTime style are decustomized for FreeTime, while those using the Apartment Life style are decustomized for Apartment Life. If you only have one or the other, it is probably best to only use the files for the one you have.

The original colors from FreeTime.

The original colors from Apartment Life. The Sim on the left is using the fat morph.

If you want to see fp7's custom colors for the FreeTime or Apartment Life styles, click the spoiler buttons below.

Additional Credits:
fakepeeps7 for the original age conversions, and for giving me permission to convert them.
Phaenoh for the tutorial on decustomizing.