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Tri-Force of Learning

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Uploaded: 29th Oct 2014 at 12:20 PM
Tri Force of Learning

How can ignorance stand against the triple threat of this educational establishment? It can't and so it shouldn't even try really should it? Banish stupidity within these walls and gardens by using the three colours proven* to aid studying most efficiently (*scientific method of proof is not available for public eyes). However you absorb knowledge you can manage it harder, better, faster on these hallowed grounds of knowledge.

Want to learn indoors on comfy chairs? You can
Want to learn outdoors with your feet in sand? You can
Want to learn on a balcony? You can
Want to learn atop the bizarre roof structures? You can't, its not safe, get down from there!

Surrounded by exhilarating orange, soothing purple or aquatic aquamarine there's something for everyone!

Custom Content Used :
Modern line window set - Hudy777
DIY Build set - Armiel

Lot Information
Size : 30x40
Price : 209,501

Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Price: 209,501