Dirty Grey Hoodie for Females Teen to Elder

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Uploaded: 3rd Nov 2014 at 12:03 AM
This is a non-default recolor of the Grey Zipper Hoodie for Females, ages Teen through Elder. It has a custom swatch that can be located next to the other hoodies, with a faint cat icon so hopefully you'll remember where you got it from in case you want to share / remove it.

I want to start a Runaway Teen / Legacy style challenge soon, and to my dismay there isn't a lot of suitable CC for that because the game's so new. Most of the grunge-type pieces floating around are more haute couture or punk rock, which I adore, but it doesn't really fit the homeless vibe I wanted.

So, I decided that instead of whining about it, I should get off my butt and make something! If all goes well, this will be the first of a set of dirty clothes that both males and females can enjoy. For right now though, this works fine by itself. I hope that someone else finds it useful.

It works well for slob characters too, I think.

Now, I've never made CC for any sims game before, so I'm crossing my fingers that this doesn't make someone's computer explode. I tested it in my game, all assigned ages in CAS and with various hairstyles and levels of fatness/fitness. I ran around for a bit with the fatness morph set pretty high, doing various animations and it all seemed to work pretty well.

Please let me know if it does anything wonky in your game so that I can try and fix it ASAP!

Lastly, I do feel it's a bit too bright when worn with a lot of the darker, ripped/faded pieces currently in CAS. If I can't get some matching pieces made, I may come back and just add a darker version.