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-Trick Or Treat 2!- MORE Halloween Costumes!

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Uploaded: 31st Oct 2014 at 1:17 PM
Updated: 1st Nov 2014 at 5:12 AM
Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. I absolutely love dressing up and decorating all creepy and enjoy the night life aspect of it.

With this I'm finally wrapping up an old project. Echo and I (Phae) created a Costume Trunk two years ago for that Halloween and it has been on my list to finish off the remaining costumes that we had planned for it. Earlier this year I was hoping to get them out to you for Mardi Gras, but then life happened and I only got a few done then. With Halloween fast approaching, I dusted off the Templates and shoved as many outfits as I could into them.

With this update you get costumes for the last hidden category, so make sure you go redownload the Costume Trunk or you won't be able to access these new costumes. Each costume also requires the EP or SP that the outfit came with, but if you don't have one of the EPs or SPs, just delete the corresponding packages.

Luau (all ages) FFS - Beach Party
Sailor (adults) FT - Beach Party
Clowns (adults and kid&tots) FT - Everyday Hero
Fairy (girls) BG - Fantasy
Dragons (kids) FFS - Fantasy
Dragons (toddlers) FFS - Fantasy
Wizards (teens and up) AL - Fantasy
Knights (adults) OFB - Fantasy
Mad Scientist (teens and up) BG - SciFi
Hazmat Worker (adults) OFB - SciFi
Vampires (adults) NL - Spooky

You will need to go download the toddler dragon outfits and the kiddie clowns separately, but everything else is from the game, so yay!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

- Phae and Echo

Additional Credits:
Mad Scientist Kolter is showing off his latest -inator, the driveable death ray gun. For the right price, you can have your very own.

You'll see the the Luau outfits and the kid Dragons have picked up Default Replacements. Any replacements you have for these outfits will get used.