No More Free Roofs

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Uploaded: 20th Nov 2014 at 6:23 PM
Since the Dawn of Sims roofs have been free to build, but not anymore! With this mod your poor little sims will have to pay for their roof just like they pay for their walls and floors.

The roofs already have the possibility for a price tag built in by EA but the value has been set to 0 for all. What I have done is edit the roof type resources and added a price to all of them. The different roof types have different prices, and they fall into one of these price groups:

Free - Flat
§6 - Gable, Hipped, Mansard, Tall Gable, Half Gable, Half Hipped
§8 - Conical, Dome, Octagonal, Octagonal Mansard, Pagoda Gable, Pagoda Hipped, Pagoda Mansard, Pagoda Tall Gable, Pagoda Half Gable
§10 - Pagoda Octagonal, Pagoda Octagonal Mansard

While this mod makes roof cost money to build, roofs will not add to lot value - this is also part of the reason why flat roof is free.

Tested with patch 1.57 and all later versions, but should be compatible with all versions of the game. It conflicts with any other mod that makes changes to the any of the roof types' CRST files.