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Uploaded 20th Nov 2014 at 6:48 PM

It's a good habit to always delete the 'scriptCache.package' file when you install or replace a scripted mod.
If you don't know how ---> Game Help:Sims 3 Delete Cache Files


  • JunJayMdM.CampaignFundraiserOnline V1

    • November 19th, 2014
      • Mod's birthday (please send cakes and gifts ASAP)

Sometimes, when updating from an older version, this mod settings might get corrupted and reset when starting the game. Therefore, I recommend always writing down the settings you're interested in, so if a reset happens you can set them again.

Game Version : 1.67

It might work on previous Patch Levels too, but it's only been tested and proved working on 1.67, so use it at your own risk.


This mod will hardly ever conflict with another one. The worst it can happen is that it won't work, if you have a Core mod installed that changes the resources used by my mod. As far as I know, no such mod exists.

Known Issues and Quirks



This mod allows Sims in a Political Career to start a Campaign Fundraiser from their Computers, SmartPhones (requires EP9 University Life or EP11 Into The Future) and Tablets (requires Store item).
  • If you have the Online Center mod installed, you will find the 'Campaign Fundraiser Online...' menu under the 'Online Center...' menu.
  • How to Start a Campaign Fundraiser
    • When your Sim reaches Level 5 (EA default) of their Political Career, they're going to require funding their political campaign in order to gain more performance. Tipically you can have a party to raise money or ask other Sims for a donation. With this mod in, you can also start a Campaign Fundraiser online from computers, smartphones and tablets, granted the aforementiond requirements are met and there are enough potential donors in town.
    • Once you start a Fundraiser, a notification will inform you it started and when it will end. At that point the interaction is over and the fundraiser will run in background for a specific amount of time (the length of the fundraiser can be changed in the mod's Settings).
    • If there are no more potential donors in town (i.e. everyone that could, already donated) or if your Sims lose/change their job or get demoted to a level that doesn't require funding, the fundraiser will end earlier than the predicted date.
  • What is a Potential Donor?
    • In order to receive donations from other Sims in town, your Sim needs to have a good Long Term Relationship with them. The higher the relationship, the higher the donation (EA default). These Sims are called 'Potential Donors'.
  • Donations
    • Every SimHour there's a chance one of the potential donors will donate money. If that happens, a notification will inform who is the donor and how much money were donated (the donation chance can be changed in the mod's Settings).
  • Campaign Fundraiser over
    • When the Campaign Fundraiser is over, a notification will inform you it ended, the number of donors and how much money was raised.
    • After a Campaign Fundraiser is over, there's a cooldown time to prevent from running another one right away (the cooldown time can be changed in the mod's Settings).
  • How to Stop Campaign Fundraiser
    • Once a Campaign Fundraiser started, it cannot be stopped. Eventhough I can't think of a reason why anyone would want to stop it, if I get requests to add this option stating why it should be added, I will consider it


    • Settings are saved separately for each save game and each world. This means that when your sims travel, settings will be different. You can still change them but remember that they will always be different from the ones you set in the Home World.
    • You can find "Settings" under the "Campaign Fundraiser Online..." menu, or when clicking on the Terrain (if enabled) under the "JunJayMdM" menu.
    • Every change you make to these values will be permanent when you save the game.
    • You will find more details about these values, when selecting them in the game.
  • Reset Values to Default
    • It resets all values to default (except 'Settings' Menu on Terrain)
  • 'Settings' Menu on Terrain
    • It disables/enables the Settings Menu availability when clicking on the Terrain
  • 'Change Cooldown Time
    • It lets you set the time to wait in Sim Hours before a Sim can run another Fundraiser
  • 'Change Donation Chance
    • It lets you set the chance of getting donations when a Fundraiser is running
  • 'Change Fundraiser Length
    • It lets you set how long a Fundraiser will run in Sim Hours
    • The Fundraiser will end earlier if there are no more potential donors in town


If you feel like translating the strings, click the 'Language Availability' button below and check if a specific language Needs Update, then read the instructions by clicking the 'Instructions for Translation' button.

NOTE : Settings are not available for translation. Why? Because they can be compared to the explanations here on the thread and it's easier for me to provide help for them.


  • You don't need to have EPs installed, it will work fine with the Base Game only, as long as your game is patched up to date.
  • This mod will order expensive furniture from Amazon if left unattended.
  • If you find bugs in this mod, call the exterminator or simply report them to me

Additional Credits

Inge and Peter Jones for S3PE and S3SE
MTS tutorials that helped me a lot learning about tuning and scripting
Twallan for his precious mods and tips
desiree101 for testing
Armiel for her Builder's Island
All the modders in general and the good mods out there

Type: Additional Functionality

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