Old Town Apartments, NoCC

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Uploaded 6th Dec 2014 at 7:32 PM

This old-looking building fits nicely in a foggy sleepy town like Twinbrook. Could go in Moonlight Falls or Appaloosa Plains as well (with some color edit to outside floor tiles) or any suitable custom or EA world of your choice.

  • Apartment on 2-nd floor: 1 bdrm, 1 bthrm, living room, dining room, kitchen, study.
  • Public areas: laundromat, attic, 2 parking spaces, rose garden with fountain.
  • NPC-neighbors - 4 doors and an endless list in intercom.
  • Shown cars are not included. So as snow.
  • Flat lot 20x30
  • Furnished: $ 30,100
  • Unfurnished: $ 3,737

  • Patch 1.67 (may work on earlier patches as well, I don't know).
  • NO custom content.
List of EPs and SPs I used items from. In case you don't have some of them installed, see this, so you know, what the game will replace with something stupid.
  • Ambition: windows, doors, arches, lights outside, wall&ceiling lights inside, reading lamp, trees, ceiling in the lobby and apartment, parquet and tiles, wall coverings, washing machines and dryers, linen baskets, bed, chairs in the basement, desk, cupboard, mirror, dresser, clothes rack, a lot of decor.
  • Late Night: garbage disposal, mailbox, intercom, ceiling in the attic and basement, air grille, soap.
  • World Adventures: fountain, lions, ladders, wall lights at the entrance, reading lamp, chandelier in the dining room, large flower, coffee, nectar, corner table.
  • Pets: wall covering, kitchen cabinets, stove, buckets in the attic.
  • Supernatural: curtains, sofa, watch, side tables, lamp, chandelier in the study.
  • Generations: curtains, stereo, shelves, shoe shelves, chair, wardrobe, diploma.
  • Seasons: paintings, curtains, plant
  • University Life: shelves in the laundromat, one decor item in the attic.
  • Show Time: one plant
  • Outdoor Living: bowl of fruit
  • Fast Lane: chair, decor boxes in the closet.
Also I used 2 decor Store items (unnecessary):
  • I saved the building with regular lot type, but when I place it from the bin, the game assigns apartment type to it for some reason. If it does for you, make sure to change the lot type to regular before moving in, otherwise you'll get a bunch of roommates.
  • You'll notice that parking lot thingies have solid dark color. Don't be surprised, you didn't get unwanted custom content in your game, they're regular items with stone texture made by DebugEnabler.
  • Hidden laundry baskets in some rooms. They sank into furniture with moveobjects, but still accessible. If you'd want to get rid of the laundry sistem, you'd need to use cheat RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings to be able to delete washing machines in public area of the building. Also you'd need to delete all laundry baskets.
  • I tested the lot in game as usual. Everything seems to work fine.
  • Google translate is my friend. Don't be hard on us please.

Lot Size: 20x30
Lot Price (furnished): F: 30,100
Lot Price (unfurnished): U: 3,737

Additional Credits:
Armiel for Builder's Island, Nraas for DebugEnabler, EA for TS3, MTS for hosting, MOOII TECH for Photoscape.

Number of bedrooms: 1 Bedroom
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

Tags: #apartments, #old, #respectable, #twinbrook, #brick