Piercings 10 items set semi-layerable S4

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Uploaded 6th Dec 2014 at 9:40 PM

Hello everyone. I convert these piercing set for you.I made for TS3 and I turned them for TS4.

These piercings are perfect for your cool, urban and party sims.

I made them from teen to elder sims male and female and in four color swatches every piercing: black, blue, silver and gold


These piercing can be worn on left and right ears ( the right ear ones appears in the rings section)

Plug: a piercing in a cilindrical shape
Hookspi: a hook with a spiral
Crescent: a piercing in a crescent moon form
Fish hook: piercing in a c-fish form
Taper: a piercing that is a long stick to stretch your sims ears literally.
Twist: A crescent with a twister form.
Spiral: A piercing with an "e" form
Bold-hoop: Small hoop earrings for left or right ear.

The last two piercings can only be worn one at a time.

Huge plug: a big piercing in a cilindrical shape with skin
Huge tunnel: a big piercing in a tunnel form with skin.

Note: The S3 earladder piercing cannot be converted yet, because they dont morph with the ear yet.

Any comments would be highly appreciated

Polygon Counts:
x1 means this item is a left/right earring and need to sum the polys/vertex if you put an item on the other ear.
x2 means this item is earrings and you can only worn one at a time

x1 Spiral------------496 faces
x1 Twist------------304 faces
x1 Crescent--------304 faces
x1 Hookspi---------496 faces
x1 Fishhook--------336 faces
x1 Taper-----------208 faces
x1 Plug-------------72 faces
x1 Ladder-----------640 faces
x1 Bold-hoop-------188 faces

x2 Huge plug------716 faces
x2 Huge tunnel----1141 faces

Additional Credits:
MTS, CmarNYC Meshtools, s4pe and Esmeralda for help me how to add custom thumbnails