Liam Murdoch, health-conscious, eco-friendly fitness nut

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Uploaded: 9th Dec 2014 at 10:33 PM
Updated: 9th Dec 2014 at 7:42 PM
The other day I pondered if I could actually make a sim that would be good enough to be approved...

Meet Liam Murdoch. His mom ran away with another woman shortly after his birth, and left his overwhelmed father being a single dad in a hippie community. It's probably no surprise that Liam, now a young adult, feels he should be more serious and down to earth than his parents. And still he gets overly excited all the time and sometimes for no apparent reason.

Liam does have strong beliefs, though. His body is a temple and so is the whole world. He's a vegetarian out of conviction, still struggling to live fully vegan. He likes to ride his bike, go jogging or take care of his vegetable garden. Basically everything that takes place in the great outdoors. He doesn't own a car and never will. Where will destiny take him?

Loves the Outdoors

Lifetime Wish
Perfect Mind, Perfect Body

Custom Content Used (not included)
Idola3 NonDefault skintone by HystericalParoxysm - Saved with default skin, remember to change the skin in CAS
Oh My Tiffany eyeset by escand (Oh My Eyes - defaults)

Known Issues
The bit under his nose gets shaded somewhat weirdly. I was unable to fix that without breaking his nose.

Very special thanks to Buckley, heaven and kitty for giving me feedback in #create.