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Updated: Liberated Desert Plants

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Uploaded: 18th Dec 2014 at 10:55 PM
Updated: 24th Jun 2015 at 10:59 PM
Maxis desert plants fixed up for Build/Buy, plus (optional) default overrides for the low-lying blue shrub and the yellow desert flowers.

Update 2015-061-24: The small cactii and the lavender bushes are now pottable, so they can be used with pots like the one from this post. Updated the zip (the other two files are unchanged).

Update 2015-01-24: Tiny update that adds a nicer colour swatch to the 10§ Dry Grass (you're only going to see it if you have downloaded this).

These are the actual Maxis objects, not clones. They should work fine in conjunction with FH|RAs No-Fade Trees mod ‒ I don't know which plants exactly that modifies (I guess at least the Mesquite Tree, if not the large cactii as well), but just try it out for yourself.

  • Yellow Flowers
  • Pink FLowers
  • Red Flowers – sorts with existing "Red Flowers" shrub
  • Low-Lying Shrub with Pink Flowers

  • Dry Grass 1
  • Dry Grass 2
  • Wild Grass – sorts with existing Wild Grass; it's larger than that one
  • Lovely Lavender Hedge – sorts with existing Lovely Lavender Hedge, is larger than that
  • Lovely Lavender Bush – sorts with existing Lovely Lavender Bush, is larger than that
  • Lovely Lavender Bush, pale – sorts with existing Lovely Lavender Bush, is larger than that
  • Giant Lavender
  • Large Desert Shrub (dark)
  • Large Desert Shrub (pale) – both of these look a little meh but that's how they are
  • Aloe Vera, medium
  • Aloe Vera, large

Cactii (also sort in Shrubs):
  • Small Cactus with Flowers – sorts with "Peter Pot" cactus, different texture
  • Small Cactus Stalk
  • Cactus Stalks – sorts with "Fido's Fine Cactus" (or whatever the name was); it's lighter/paler than that
  • Small Cactus – sorts with "Saguaro" cactus, different texture
  • Medium Cactus
  • Medium Cactus – sorts with "Swashbuckler's Sword"
  • Large Cactus "King of the Desert"
  • Extra Large Cactus "Emperor of the Desert"

  • Mesquite Tree

The overrides for the yellow flowers and the pink low-lying shrub are in separate packages (the shrub originally has blue flowers; the flowers are just hue changed on leaves and stems and a little more contrasty).

These are default overrides for the OBJD/COBJ which add/change the following:

- Catalogue tags for function and categories
- Catalogue prices (also in the OBJD so that sims get their money back when selling them)
- Colour tags where appropriate
- Thumbnail sorting / swatches
- Names and descriptions if necessary (some already had at least names)

I'm not doing footprint edits any more, please use the bb.moveobjects cheat for that.

s4pe, Notepad++, Paint.net