Frozen Puddle - EA's Ode To Jazz Painting Redone

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Uploaded: 22nd Dec 2014 at 7:00 PM
This is my first object recolor.

Using the new Sims 4 Studio, I've replaced EA's Ode To Jazz Painting texture with a really cool frozen puddle picture that I found and recolored it (&the frame itself)! This is a non-replacement with its own swatches/thumbnail.

It can be found in the Paintings section (just type painting in the search box and it should come up).
There are 6 color variations in this .package.
Tested in game, works fine.

Here is a preview of it and all its color variation-

Here is a preview with a different lighting and wallpaper-

And here is where it can be located -

I chose to recolor the Ode To Jazz painting because I liked how they could fit in one square and were long. It's perfect for diagonal walls (which I like to use while building to add a little something something to the architecture). However, I wasn't fond of the Jazz Painting's texture, so I decided to recolor it.