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UPDATE: 5-8-2015 Horse Temperament System

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Uploaded 3rd Jan 2015 at 11:32 PM · Updated 12th Aug 2015 at 7:18 AM by SimsMatthew

Important! 5-8-2015
Simplifies coding. Now human Sims have no interactions added. The temperament system kicks in whenever you starts riding, even if it's a newly created horse
EDIT: I think I decreased the points required, it should be 15 points for each stage totaling 75 full points.

A late merry Christmas everyone! Originally I intended to brush it up from my cluttered mod suite (which contained testing stuff) and upload it quick and clean, but I did a lot of testing and took me two days. Duh. Simple mod with big ambitions...

This mod is aimed at simulating a horse temperament system, which gives each horse a "temperament score" (as in real-life) and riding is affected accordingly.

- The larger the score, the worse the temperament is. However, it is not the 10-point based real-life temperament system. Instead, the startup score is 125. As you ride each horse more often, its score decreases. The score can be slotted into 5 stages.

- So what does that mean? Take an example. Originally the score is 125, which gives the rider the moodlet above. As you ride, the score decreases. After quite some rides, the score drops and falls into another stage, which gives better moodlets.

- The process repeats, and eventually the score becomes lower and lower. The idea is that you start out riding a bad-tempered horse with difficulty, and then end up riding an easy-going horse easily.

- This system applies to only active household, ie if you ride your neighbours horse by borrowing it, sorry, you won't receive any relevant moodlets. This is to reduce data storage since it can be taxing to store data for all horses in town!

- Certain moodlets / traits for horses / sims give bonuses and penalities in the system (eg for untrained horses, riders just won't receive positive moodlets).

- Temperament score is increased by 1 point per week. Therefore, if you don't ride your horse too long, its temperament will get worse. TUNABLE.

- For cheaters / realistic setting, you can use interaction "Set Own Horse Temperament" available by horses. ie, you can select a horse, and click on himself / herself, to use this interaction. A popup box will appear asking you to input the temperament score. Remember, the larger the worser.

- Newly-added-into-household horses will require human sims to use the interaction "Startup Horse Temperament For Active Household". This re-checks all active household horses to see if any is missing out from the system. All Sims receive this interaction upon loading a world. Take an example. If your original Sim (which has the interaction) dies after marrying another sim, the widowed sim will still have that interaction. However, if it does happen that the widowed sim is created AFTER loading the world, then he / she will not have the interaction. As a solution...

- If you find that your sims don't have the above interaction / horses and riders get no moodlets, simply reset your sims. Or save and reload. They both refer to the same method which re-checks all eligible horses and adds the above interaction to all sims again.

- Data should survive save and reload. If it doesn't, please let me know 'cause I wasn't so aware of it when testing, but at least I had "make data survive save and reload" in mind, and I have specifically coded this.

This is a pure scripting mod. Conflicts are next to non-existent. This mod should work with just the Pets patch (of course, since it works for horses!). But 1.29 is so old, I'm not so sure. This is built with Patch 1.63, but should still work with patches onwards.


Install as usual. Just take the package out when you want, but if you reload a mod-less game with sims riding, I don't know what will happen to them. Best to use resetSim * in each save game that you intend to reload, before removing the mod, or install ErrorTrap. It should cleanup stuff.

The startup value "125" is tunable. All stages are in accordance to it. Generally, if no bonuses / penalities apply, then the score ranges of stages are the same. Look into the XML using S3PE to open the package to see other tunables.

I tried to cleanup the data when a horse dies / is removed, but wasn't successful. It seemed that it would be cleaned up by default (ie without my coding), so I left that part out. The testing took so long just because I tested for this many, many times.

- icarus_allsorts for teaching me to use dictionaries to store Sim extra data.
- My testing sims, because I trapped them in Builder's Island for days on and on, just to test my mod. And yes, to see how data is handled when horses die, I forcefully killed them quite a few times. Don't worry, they're in my bin. They will live again.

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