Choose number of babies (outdated)

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Uploaded: 3rd Jan 2015 at 1:08 AM
Updated: 29th Jun 2016 at 10:16 PM - No update needed
June 2016 - This mod doesn't work anymore. Please, don't download until I update it.

15/06/2015 - This mod doesn't need to be updated for the 1.8.61 version.

I recommend you to check this mod:
You can also have quadruplets, quintuplets or sextuplets:

This mod allows you to choose how many babies you want to give birth.

You have to download one of these three flavours:
  • 1 baby for sure: your sim will give birth to one baby. I included this because since the last patch (December 16), people are having too many twins and triplets.
  • Twins for sure: your sim will give birth to twins.
  • Triplets for sure: your sim will give birth to triplets.

Unzip the package file to your Mods folder.

Having ONE flavour of this mod installed while your sim gives birth ensures you she will have the number of babies you want. Keep in mind that you need enough space in the household. For example, if you want triplets but you already have 6 sims in the household, then you will have only twins.
You don't need to have any of them installed during the conception.

Resource overrides and compatibility:
This just modifies the S4_03B33DDF_00000000_06F6554A25E46FD0 XML resource.
It is incompatible with XML mods that modify the same resource. For example, MasterDinadan's "Longer/Shorter Pregnancy Lenght". But it is likely to be compatible with script mods like java7nerd's "Pregnancy Scan".

This mod is updated to work with version 1.7.62 or 1.7.65 (May 14-15, 2015).

Additional Credits:
velocitygrass for the Sims4XmlExtractor.
Kuree and all Sims4Group for the s4pe.
morgade for the Sims 4 Tuning Tool.
"XML Tuning How-To" tutorial by plasticbox.