Mermaid Tail for children and toddlers

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Uploaded: 3rd Jan 2015 at 11:51 PM
Updated: 6th Jan 2015 at 1:36 PM
Hey guys, long time no see. Im not dead, Im just uploading my stuff in my official blog and tumblr only.
Ive been working really hard on something I thought EA missed: mermaid tails for infants.
So yhea, its finally done and ready to be downloaded by hundreds of fantasy addicteds like myself :-)
Please read the notes > before < download the content and have fun!

0o NOTES o0

-You have 2 files inside each download: you have a mod for invisible feet, and you have the mermaid tail for toddlers/ children (you can download one or both ages, but you HAVE to install the invisible feet to make the tails work properly);
- Children and toddlers with the mermaid tail wont have the same actions as real mermaids in the game, because these ARE JUST clothing and they wont turn your sims into real mermaids. For example, these tails are just like normal shorts that you have available for children, they dont have anything "magical about them";
- You need the Island Paradise EP to use these, sorry (although Im not sure if it might work or not with the base game only, if somebody try, let me know please);
- If you wish to talk to me or report an error, do it via tumblr if possible (check the link in my signature), cause now-a-days I hardly check my messages on MTS;
- You may recolor and modify the mesh and textures, no need to ask me, but please give me credit
- The tail is recolorable, and you have only one mesh for female/male

Toddler Hair -
Child Hair -
Skin -
Tattoo - - (me)
Eyes - (the website is down)

Polygon Counts:
Mermaid tail for child - 6760
Invisible feet for child - 192
Mermaid tail for toddler - 1352
Invisible feet for toddler - 201