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Unlocked Swamp Pack - UPDATED 19-07-2019

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Uploaded: 3rd Jan 2015 at 6:53 PM
Updated: 15th Oct 2021 at 2:33 PM

If you want to know where to find these trees and how they look in game, please watch my Youtube Video:
Bakies The Sims 4 Custom Content: Unlocked Swamp Pack

I've also made a walk-through version of the hollow- and bow trunk. These can be used to make your Sims walk underneath them. For more info, take a look right here:
Unlocked Swamp Trunks & Tree - Walk-through

These files have been UPDATED on 15-10-2021 with the following things:
- Makes the boat and dock to appear in the Pond Objects section in Build Mode.
- Boat and Dock Placeable on ponds.
- Updates on all object's titles + descriptions.
- Object's price have been changed to make them a bit cheaper (especially the trees).

Please RE-DOWNLOAD and delete the old files!

Unlocked Swamp Pack
This download contains 10 packages all with a Swamp theme. These objects are totally new in buy mode, they were not even avaible with the debug cheat on.
New are: 6 new trees, 2 huge deco trunks, 1 deco rowboat and 1 deco pier.(Both boat and pier can be placed on land and water)
Normally these objects can only be seen in the swamp of Willow Creek, you can not reach this place though:

All trees can also be placed on land and in water (Fontain/pool)
The Swamp Willow is the normal in-game Willow with a darker trunk.
The only "problem" there is, is with the huge bow and hollow trunk, you can't walk underneath. Sims will walk around them if they want to go to the other side.
You can swim underneath the bow trunk though:

Object information:
All objects are standalones, so they doesn't override any other objects in your game.
You can find the trees and trunks under Built mode > Trees.
You can find the rowboat and Dock under Built mode > Pond Objects
You can also find them by typing in "Swamp" in the search bar.
The cost are:
Swamp tree 1+2+3 and the Swampwillow cost 280 Simoleons
Swamp tree 4+5 cost 285 Simoleons
Both bow and hollow trunk cost 12 Simoleons
Both Rowboat and Pier cost 150 Simoleons

With the moveobjects on cheat: bb.moveobjects
You can still decorate underneath the huge trunks. So you can make a nice looking park for example:

Game Requirements:
The Sims 4 Base Game

Game Version:
Tested with gameversion:

I Hope you like it and will give me some credit if used in uploaded houses!
You may share my creations, but always give me credit and don't upload my creations anywhere else. Just link back to this page.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Sims 4 Studio Preview (Alice) for making it possible to make Standalone object recolors.
Thanks Adobe for making Photoshop
Special thanks to Andrew and OrangeMittens from the Sims Studio Forum for helping me out with various problems while making these objects.