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Liberated Grass/Reeds

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Uploaded: 24th Jan 2015 at 6:12 PM
Updated: 12th May 2015 at 1:02 AM
Maxis grass and reeds fixed up for Build/Buy, plus (optional) default overrides. These are not clones – they only contain what is necessary to make them buyable, no duplicate files.

Liberated Grass:
  • Country Grass – 10, sorts in the same thumbnail as the Dry Grass from here
  • Tall Country Grass – 30
  • 2 x Stubbly Grass / 1 x Swamp Grass – 30, sort in the same thumbnail (same mesh, different colours)
  • Unkempt Grass / Unkempt Swamp Grass – 35, sort in the same thumbnail (same mesh, different colours)
  • Wild Grass / Grass Patch / Grass of the Glade – 40, sort in the same thumbnail (same mesh, different colours)
  • Botanical Grass / Sylvan Grass – 45, sort in the same thumbnail (same mesh, different colours)
  • Tall Reeds – 70
  • Cat Tail – 80

The tiny little grass in the front center of the screenshot above is not included (I noticed after taking that screenshot that it cannot be deleted any more after it's been rotated, so I removed it from the package). The rocks in the background are available here. Some more dry grass is also available here.

Texture Overrides (separate packages) for the following:
  • Wild Grass
  • Botanical Grass
  • Sylvan Grass + Grass of the Glade (identical texture)
  • Cat Tail

These are default overrides of Maxis world objects which add/change the following:

- Catalogue tags for function and categories
- Catalogue prices (also in the OBJD so that sims get their money back when selling them)
- Colour tags where appropriate
- Thumbnail sorting / swatches
- Names and descriptions where necessary (some already had at least names; I kept those since they are hopefully localised for all languages)

s4pe, Paint.net.