Updated: Liberated Fences 4

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Uploaded: 24th Jan 2015 at 10:22 PM
Updated: 10th Dec 2015 at 9:37 PM
Even more fences! All of these are world objects from the game files, fixed up for Buy/Build. Part 1 is available here, part 2 here, part 3 here.

Update 2015-12-10: Uploaded a new version that has custom IDs, so it can be used alongside this mod (Empty Props for Oasis Springs, which makes the concrete + low wall and posts invisible in the neighbourhood). Note that when you replace the old package, you will need to re-buy the fences in game. I also gave them actual footprints now (sims cannot walk through them but they can intersect objects) and added the missing strings for non-English games (oops).

Contents and in-game prices:
  • World Fence Post – 65
  • World Fence – 200
  • Extended World Fence – 400
  • “Decorative” Concrete Post – 200
  • “Decorative” Concrete Wall – 350
  • “Decorative” Concrete Wall, Long – 700
  • Low Brick Post – 160
  • Low Brick Wall – 600
  • Tall Brick Post – 280
  • Tall Brick Wall – 900

These are objects, not actual fences as far as the game is concerned (like the fence-tool ones). I put them in Fence Gates since that’s what worked best for me (they sort at the end, so they’re all in one place there rather than strewn all over Deco > Misc. Putting anything but fences in Fences won’t work).

This is done by way of the usual flagging and stuff, plus a custom STBL. Please post in the Create forum if you have questions about technical details!

s4pe, Modding Toolkit (Fogity).