(Bigger) Builder's Island (Updated!)

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Uploaded: 26th Jan 2015 at 9:43 PM
Updated: 4th Feb 2015 at 7:02 PM
BIGGER Builder's Island

This world is a completely empty map with plenty of space for you to put all of your lots and housing onto.
The inspiration comes from a mishmash of Armiel's original "Builder's Island" -- which I use for all of my
creations and play testing -- and from the fact that it is too small to actually hold all of my things (if you look
at my upload history, you will see that I haven't uploaded a lot in quite some time; while that is true, I still have
15+ lots that are sitting in my game waiting for me to just furnish them. God, do I hate furnishing.)

I solved this issue once before by making my own map for myself, but it is unsightly. I can't give you, the
people, an ugly world! I wouldn't dream it!

So, I made this. A large, basic, neutral world with plenty of flat spaces for you to dump all your W.I.P.'s onto.

Revolutionary, if i do say so myself! Anyway, here is a picture:

All of the rocks are hand painted, and the entire thing was done without height maps or anything along those
lines...mostly because I am not entirely sure how to do it. But, still, it is a talking point and makes this otherwise
plain world, sound a bit more impressive. Here, I'd like to diverge your attention with another picture:

WOW! Look at all that space! See, I like to spend absurd amounts of time making 64x64 lots
(then never finishing them *cough*) so I went into this with the "I need room for big lots, damn it!" mentality. So,
I feel like I delivered on that front, while still making the terrain a bit more interesting to look at. As you know, the
pictures are the selling point of your lots, so having a scenic view is prefferable to a large, flat, boring map. By the
way, speaking of views:

Just look at that! It's calling your name, builders! Move all of your creations over onto (Bigger) Builder's Island, today!

1.63.5 (older patch levels might cause the world to crash if you load it in game)

Additional Credits:
Armiel -- For the inspiration with this little cutie