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Cure For Flatulent Slobs (NO LONGER UPDATED)

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Uploaded: 27th Jan 2015 at 2:36 AM
Updated: 24th Oct 2017 at 4:06 AM
NOTICE 10/23/2017: After a falling out with EA's community management, I have deleted my Origin account and have retired indefinitely from The Sims.

Ever wonder why I'm "Doctor" Chillgood? So did I. Aren't doctors supposed to fight diseases? Well, I decided to put my mind to the problem of intestinal disturbances among messy Sims, and have distributed the cure to them. While I'm at it, I conditioned the grosser pranksters to not go around farting on people, or to even think about wanting to.

With the vile farting gone, I find Slobs much more playable. That other smell is probably your leftovers spoiling inside of me. (I am a cheap fridge, after all.)

I do not own the Outdoor Retreat expansion, and as such will not be able to find the cure for bean-induced flatulence.

Short and serious version:

My second idle animation disabler, after the teen Selfie disabler. I snipped the idles from Buff (type 0x6017E896) Instance 319E - the hidden Slob Trait Buff. I have also made a related social, "Noxious Cloud", Interaction (0xE882D22F) Instance 63EA, non-autonomous, and removed the whim from Whim-List (0x28B64675) Instance 8690 - the whims for the Mischief skill.