Mina's "Sweetheart" Eyes (in three sizes of iris)

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Uploaded: 29th Jan 2015 at 12:04 PM
Hi everybody, my nineteenth upload!
There are five sets of eye colors in my this creation.
And each color, comes in three sizes of iris.
Why three sizes?! The size 1, is more appropriate for big eyes and size 3 is for small eyes (you know this is a rule! Hi hi hi!).
So now you can make big eyes that are not filled by iris, or small eyes whose sclera isn't very empty!
Or you can use the size 3 eyes for dolly faces.
I was tired of making small eyes with ridiculously small irises!! Now I can make more natural eyes.
Furthermore, by using different iris sizes, you will have unique faces!

There are all three sizes in each .rar file (but separated in three folders).
If you want all colors, only download the .rar file with (All colors) postfix.
But you still need to download the Default Replacements separately, it's not contained in (All colors) file.
If you already have eye default replacements, remove them before you extract mine in your download folder.
The default replacements are only in size 2.

Thanks to Syera for the replacement files.
Thanks to the creators of CCs I used in my images!
The textures are my paintings by Adobe Photoshop.
Please don't upload as yours.

Hope you like them, please post me your comments.