'Strawberry Blonde' - New Non-Default Hair Colour

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Uploaded: 10th Feb 2015 at 11:54 PM
Updated: 5th Aug 2017 at 3:26 AM - Updated for more packs!
Updated main file to include toddlers! Please overwrite the old one
I've also added a new .rar that includes individual files for the following packs:
  • Perfect Patio
  • Spooky Stuff
  • Cool Kitchen
  • Romantic Garden
  • Dine Out
  • Vampires
  • Get Together
  • City Living

I have a list of all my hairs I need to update (basically all of them, I'm sorry), but I can only update them for certain packs, as I don't have enough money to buy all of them. I will get working on them as soon as possible, as so many of you have asked and I feel terrible about not updating them. I'll have to attempt to recreate all the colours too as I've gone through 2 HDD's since creating them, so it may take me a while, but I will do my best. As I said though, I'm really sorry that some hairstyles from certain packs won't be included as I can't afford them

Quick note for anybody having the problem of only these colours showing up:
Originally Posted by jebspls:
I just wanted to say for anyone who's been having an issue with Strawberry Blonde and Targaryen Blonde being the only colours that show up for certain hairstyles, if you have oepu's gender conversion hairstyle mod, you need to make sure you update it! That's the mod that's causing the problem for me, as I found out after several hours taking apart all my mods trying to figure it out... updated that one and now these lovely hair colours aren't replacing everything anymore.

11/Apr/2015 UPDATE: Added new optional file including all Get To Work hairstyles, and I updated the main file to include two new hairstyles from the most recent patch. (Replace with updated file for the hairs)

Hello again!

I got a few people asking for more colours, and here is one of them :P
I was sort of sick of seeing the only real ginger option being bright orange, and the regular "blonde" being yellow...
So, strawberry blonde anyone?

I'm not entirely certain about the concept of genetics in the Sims 4 yet, however I played with them in CAS, and for example; between a 'Targaryen blonde' father and a 'Strawberry blonde' mother, the kids either had Platinum, Dirty blonde, or either of their parents hair colours.
I then played in game, had the Targaryen blonde and Strawberry blonde produce a Strawberry blonde child. And then had two Strawberry blonde's produce a child with Dirty blonde hair.
So, I'm admittedly a bit confused but if that's what happens anyway, then yes this hair colour is genetic.
At least it does get passed down, just, not every time

I adore this colour so I hope you do too, if you do please leave thanks
It says in the title but I'll just make it clear this is a new shade, non-default so it won't replace anything.
Feel free to suggest more, report any problems and request in the comments or pm me, I love feedback.

P.S. If anyone missed it, Targaryen Blonde was updated for Outdoor Retreat here: http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=540990
Also, you can follow me on Twitter if you would be interested in seeing updates, ideas and when a new mod is up @kellyhb5_MTS

Additional Credits:
The Sims 4 Studio
Gimp 2

CC in pictures:
-The gorgeous 'Stargazer Eyes' by sleepyrose
-Benevolent Eyes by myself (update images)
-3D Lashes (update images)
-Freckles (update images)