2nd UPDATE-Parking Spaces,Helipad floor tiles and Parking/Traffic Sign Wall Tiles

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Okay like I said I am designing flooring based on regular road markings you'd see in the real world.

This first one is the helipad flooring, which I thought would be the hardest and kinda was cause my photoshop refused to open. Now I originally had it set 1x1 (meaning one piece only takes up one tile) but when I put it together on the lot I relized it was incredably undersized (about the size of a coffee table), so I had to set it to 2x2 (meaning that one piece takes up 4 tiles, two horizontally and 2 verticly). Now what may make putting together this helipad so complicated is that you got 21 piece taking up 4 tiles each making the total # of tiles 84. I have included a diagram in hopes it make putting it together alittle less of a hassle, to get one piece you must drag it 1 horizontally and 1 down. Please feel free to comment.

P.S. I am sorry about the lines all over this thing, I can't seem to get rid of them or know why they appear. My only guess is that the shadow effects are making them show up, or the game simple wasn't designed to had collage flooring like this IDk.... I'll try to minimize the appearance of these lines on my next piece.

PARKING SPACES UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **April 3 2005**
Here are the next collection in my road markings floor tile set, just a regular parking space and handicap spaces. This set consists of 15 pieces and this time is in 1x1 so it should be alot easier to put together. You may want to add this and the helicopter pad in their own collections to keep your misc floor tiles from getting overloaded

Parking & Traffic Sign Walls Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **April 3 2005**
Here Are Some Parking and Traffic Signs I simple Pasted on the standard masonary wall tile. They include No Parking, One and Two Hour Parking, Construction, Handicap, one way, caution, emerge parking, bus stop, bus parking, ect. They are in bitmap format and need to be added using the sims homecrafter program. Pick and Choose which you'd like to use. Sorry no thumbs available