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Uploaded 15th Feb 2015 at 10:56 PM · Updated 15th Nov 2018 at 7:02 AM by scumbumbo : V4 - Updated for the 11/13/2018 game patch

Version 4 (Nov 14, 2018) - Version 4 has been rewritten to be compatible with the latest game patches (The Sims 4 version 1.47.49, Nov. 13, 2018). Some additional changes have been made:
  • SimLotto is now distributed as a single download, all old versions are being removed.
  • If you do not want Sims to be able to play SimLotto autonomously, you can delete just the autonomy package file from your mods folder.
  • The odds are configured using a cheat command and saved in a configuration file. By default, normal odds will be used unless easy or hard odds are configured using the command simlotto.odds easy or simlotto.odds hard. You can also return to normal odds using simlotto.odds normal

Autonomy Add-On for version 2 now available. This will allow Sims in your current household to play the lottery autonomously (visitors won't hog your Sim's computers doing so). Uses the same rules and odds as the odds flavor you have installed. This is an add-on, you must have one of the main mod flavors installed for this to work.

Updated February 9, 2016 - Version 2 is now complete and ready to download! This version should be fully compatible with The Sims 4 version 1.13.104 (December 4, 2015 patch) or later. The following enhancements have been added:
  • Moods - Sims will get happy moods for winning, and tense or sad moods when they have losing streaks.
  • Whims - Playful and Confident Sims may get a whim to play the SimLotto, and earn satisfaction points for doing so.
  • Achievements - Two achievements are added to the game
    • SimLotto Fanatic - Purchase 100 SimLotto tickets with a single Sim.
    • SimLotto Addict - Purchase 500 SimLotto tickets between all your Sims.
    • Note that Achievements in TS4 are tied to the save game, so playing 250 times on one save and 250 times on a different save don't add together. This is a limitation of the game design.
  • Sim Stats - The Simology/Sim Stats screen now displays the number of tickets and total winnings for your Sim.
  • Sims now receive a refund if they cancel playing before the winning numbers are drawn.
  • Added SimLotto to the Alien Computer from Get To Work.
  • The script is now in the TS4SCRIPT format. This should help reduce confusion when installing. Just extract both files contained in the download into your mods folder.
  • Other minor changes which wouldn't interest you.
  • No really, they wouldn't.

Welcome to SimLotto

Buy a ticket and make your Sims a millionaire!

This mod allows sims to purchase SimLotto lottey tickets on any of the computers included in the game. The payout rate is higher than a normal lottery to make things a bit more fun, but the odds are fairly balanced and not just a money cheat. Three flavors of the mod are available, normal odds, easier odds and best odds. The number of required matches, range of numbers and payouts are altered in each flavor. A complete list of the payouts may be found below in a spoiler.

Playing SimLotto is fairly straightforward, however here are the complete instructions. Reference the screenshots above to see some sample puchases (and yes, I cheated to get the Pick 6 Jackpot!):
  • Tickets can be purchased by any teen or older sims and cost 50 simoleons each time a ticket is purchased.
  • Tickets will not be purchased autonomously.
  • Sims will receive a small amount of fun when they purchase tickets.
  • The choice of playing Pick 3, 4, 5 or 6 lottery styles are available.
  • Purchasing a ticket takes a few Sim minutes of computer work. If the action is cancelled before the dialog appears to choose your numbers, the purchase price will be refunded.
  • Once the dialog to choose numbers appears, the ticket has been fully purchased. Cancelling at this point will not refund any money.
  • The dialog to choose your numbers will instruct you how many numbers to enter and the range of valid numbers. If an invalid choice is made, the dialog will request you to retype your selections.
  • You can type just a 0 to have the computer pick a random selection of numbers automatically for you.
  • After pressing the OK button, the computer will "draw" random numbers and if your sim has matched enough of the drawn numbers, a prize will be issued.
  • Matching all of the picks will result in a jackpot, which can make a sim a large amount of simoleons.
  • The highest payouts (which are rare, but can and probably will eventually happen for someone) will result in your household maxing out at 9,999,999 simoleons net worth.

Installation Instructions and Compatibility

Simply extract the two files from the download zip file into your mods folder to install. You should have one ".package" file and one ".zip" file (you may not see the file extensions if you don't have a compression program which shows this).

Both files should go in the same folder, either directly in your mods folder, or an absolute maximum of one subfolder deep. For simplicity, I suggest keeping the mod's files directly in your mods folder.

Script mods must be enabled in your game options for this mod to work properly, even if you install with the mod manager.

Version 4 of SimLotto was written and tested on The Sims 4 version 1.47.49 (November 13, 2018). Older versions of the mod are not supported.

No XML files were changed for this mod, everything in the package is new and the script injects the new XML into the sim objects. As such it should not conflict with any other mod, even ones that modify the computer pie menus.


Manual Installation

The zip file you downloaded should contain a package file and a zip file ending in _Script. Place both files into your Mods folder, but do not unzip the zip file ending in _Script -- that should end up in the Mods folder still zipped.

The mod will only work if BOTH the _Script zip file and the package file are in your Mods folder.

If you wish, the package file can be placed into a subfolder, however the script file must be placed directly in the Mods folder.

Additional Credits:
  • Velocitygrass for the Sims4XmlExtractor
  • Kuree and all the others at Sims4Group who have put together the S4PE tool
  • Simlish v3 Comic font by SIMale: used for SimLotto icon
  • Translations:
    • jor has provided a Brazilian Portuguese translation
    • OhMy!! has provided a translation to French
    • gato_24 has provided a translation to Spanish
    • plasticbox has provided a translation to German

Type: Additional Functionality

Tags: #simlotto, #computer, #games, #lottery