"Pastel Purple is out - Lavender is in!" Hair Color Default Replacement

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Uploaded 9th Mar 2015 at 12:33 AM

If you're anything like me, your Sims just need to have fun colored hair. Thanks to Maxis, it's not really a problem! ...With one exception. That awful, pinkish-yellowish color that is "pastel purple". "Pastel purple" has plagued me since I started playing - it had potential to be such a pretty color, but it wasn't. At all. Until now.

That's why I, a complete CC newbie, took it upon myself to rid the world once and for all of "pastel purple" and replace it with an actual pastel purple/lavender.
This file replaces "pastel purple" in male hair, eyebrows, and facial hair* with a much more pleasing lavender.
Lavender is only available as a default replacement as I'm a newbie and can't figure out how to make it non-default. I may update to add it eventually.

Right now this is only available for male Sims, but I fully plan to update it with female when I get some time.

*I didn't replace the "5 o clock shadow" facial hair, as it's very buggy for me and none of the colors seem to work correctly in CAS. The "shadow" one works fine and is changed, so I don't know what the issue is. If you want it let me know and I'll work on getting it sorted out.

Basic rules apply - do nearly whatever you want with it, just don't reupload it anywhere without my permission.
I've included a file with all hair/facial hair/eyebrows replaced and one with each separate, in case you don't want all the pieces for some reason.

Now go, and paint the Sims lavender!

Hair Style: Punk/Streaks/Crazy Colours
Maxis Flags: Default Replacements
Bin Type: Binned
Age: Teen Young Adult Adult Elder

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