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Fields of Tulips - 15 colors, 2 sizes

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Uploaded: 14th Mar 2015 at 12:26 PM
Updated: 21st Mar 2015 at 12:08 AM by MissRosehip - Fixed some errors in the package
| UPDATE 2015-03-20
| Baby Pink and Black colors didn't show up ingame. It should be fixed now. Please tell me in the comment section if there's still any problems!
| UPDATE 2015-03-19
| By the recommendation of Arsil, I removed some unnecessary files from the package and compressed the texture, which resulted in a much smaller package size.
| No worries, it still looks the same, and if you've downloaded the flowers earlier, all you have to do is replace the package file(s). This will save you some space on your harddrive.
| I've also made a package file containing all the colors and sizes. Someone requested that in the comment section before; it wasn't possible since the file size limit is 50MB.
| Now it is!
| UPDATE 2015-03-17
| Added a black recolor by request. Went ahead and made three blue
| recolors too. I know blue tulips don't exist in reality, so it looks kinda
| weird, but maybe someone will like it anyways.

These tulips are (almost) completely custom made by me.

They are "real" plants, and copied from the base games heather, which also means they
are NOT 3D objects, but a flat image of the tulips, that always faces the player, just like the heather does.

I still think they look lovely though. :D

I've used these in CAW too, and they group together just like any other plant.


There are 15 colors and two different sizes and they show up in the flowers category in game, for the price of 20 simoleons.

Since it's not an object like a chair or a table, these are not recolor-able through Create-A-Style Tool.

You are welcome to do as you please with these. No need to ask permission or such. I'm only glad if people find these useful.


Polygon Counts:
There is no polygon count that I can find within the .spt file, so I'll just copy what the Speedtree program says.

Triangles: Branches(8) Leaves(218) Fronds(0) Billboards(0) Total(226) <-Large Tulip Field

Triangles: Branches(8) Leaves(60) Fronds(0) Billboards(0) Total(68) <- Small Tulip Field

Since they are basically 2D images I can't imagine it would take a toll on the computer rendering, but I'd be glad to receive feedback on this.

Additional Credits:
The hedges in the screenshot is from LunaSims