Lap of Luxury Modern Chair as Desk/Dining Chair

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Uploaded 14th Mar 2015 at 9:21 PM

I always thought it was a shame that you couldn’t use this chair at tables and desks, since it’s a very common style for dining chairs in real life. So this is an override of its COBJ resources, in order to make it behave like a working desk/dining chair and appear in the Dining Chair catalog category (it can still be found in Living Chairs as well).

I found that placing this chair at tables can sometimes be a bit fiddly. It helps if you use MOO and kind of hover the chair around the table until you find the spot where it “snaps” into place. But once placed into that slot, Sims are able to use it as they would any desk/dining chair. As you can see in the third picture, it looks a bit funny as Sims sit down or get up; their hand doesn’t really connect with the back of the chair and the shadows on the legs don’t move.

The download folder has a list of the resources I changed. Or click to see them all:

Additional Credits:
Big thank you to plasticbox, whose edit of the Cloud Chair demonstrated how to do this!

I used s4pe to make this.

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