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Beach house: Dreamingwater (Visions 1-3)

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Uploaded: 3rd Apr 2015 at 11:30 AM
Updated: 4th Apr 2015 at 11:28 AM - Text corrected, but no content are changed
Let the sims see the power of nature directly from their rooms! You see here a house in modern designed style, which is surrounded by graceful landscape (sea, beach, waterfall...) The house is suitable for a family residence of 3 to 6 sims (3 bedrooms), a holiday home or a high-ranking wellness hotel.

The MTS March theme - a day at the beach - excited me to build this theme lot. I’ve looked up the models of Beach House Las Lomas I-05 by Vértice Arquitectos and of organic architecture Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wrights for this house. Of course, there are more elements that inspired me, e.g. Mondrian like composition for the building construction.

Three selections:
I've worked hard on this upload, but I have had at the same time a lot of fun to realize my idea by building. Especially am I happy to be able to build the main landscapes without cc. I worked at first on lot size 40x30 no cc, then on 50x50 no cc*, at least on 50x50 with cc. This means that the basic items of all these lots are cc free. Each vision has certainly common characteristics, but also has it's own specialty. For example, the waterfall of the 40x30 one is right under a floating patio.

* The both no cc lots were built with empty mods file, except I once used snaitf’s Buyable Collection Dig Sites to accelerate the action of Easter eggs collection for the 50x50 no cc lot. Although I have removed this cc item before I store the lot in my library, it shows automatically that this lot was built with cc. But actually do you not need any CC for this lot. I have checked it again with empty mods file. Nothing is lost.

Outline and features
All the three Dreamingwaters are Sims 4 base game lots. They have the same house. The basic outline of the house is:
Basement = floor 1: parking, rooms of hobbies, storage
Main floor = floor 2: Fitness, sauna, music, wellness & spa, cocking, bar, 2 bedrooms
Roof floor = floor 3: home office, living room with TV, 1 bedroom with bath
Outdoor (the 50x50 lots): swim, grill, resting bank, chess, telescope, gardening, climbing, drawing...

The following are the highlight features of them:
- sea with rocks and sand ground for swimming
- Beach with sun matt /mats
- Animated waterfall
- Stream with wood bridge (only the two 50x50 lots)
- Telescope hill with stairs (only the two 50x50 lots)
- A corner of forest (only the two 50x50 lots)
- Hidden Treasure in nature – I hope you will find it
- Sea view rooms with large windows
- Big patios above the water surface
- A fake floating pool with pool stairs
- Stars light on the floor of a patio
- Direct access from bedroom to bathroom
- Large living room
- Large basement
- Characteristic bedrooms
- Indoor mineral breathe therapy (in the basement of Dreamingeater 2)

Basic informations to the lots:
Dreamingwater 1
Value: 252,359
Lot size: 40x30
Original location: Willow Creek/ Garden Essence
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 4
Furnished: basically
Decorated: partly
Landscaped: throughout
cc free
cheats e.g. MOO used

Dreamingwater 2
Value: 410,948
Lot size: 50x50
Original location: Willow Creek/ Magnolia Blossom Park
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 5
Furnished: advanced
Decorated: advanced
Landscaped: throughout
no cc*
cheats e.g. MOO used

Dreamingwater 3
Value: 392,686
Lot size: 50x50
Original location: Willow Creek/ Magnolia Blossom Park
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 4
Furnished: advanced
Decorated: advanced
Landscaped: throughout
with cc
cheats e.g. MOO used

Remind and note:
All the lots work with new game patch (March 26th, 2015)-Game Version If you don't find the lots in your library at the first moment, just choose "advanced" in your library and put a tick "add aditional material". Because I have used different cheats in all the three lots, you should set them in the mode of construction, not in the maps of the city.

CCs for Dreamingwater 3 are not included. Please check out the download list below:
Ajoya-sims: Charcoal & Fertilizer clutter
Angela: Sara New Dining Paintings, Sara new living blinds, Sara New Hallway Shoes, Keira Dining French shutter 3 tile, French shutter 1 tile, Pure living shutter 1 tile, shutter 2 tile, Kanto Living Cabinet, Victoria Living Boxes
Bakie: Electric Sockets Wall Stickers, Light Switch Wall Stickers
Bildlichgesehen: bg_pic
BuffSumm: Tulton Bedroom Curtain Half (right side), Curtain Half (left side), Doublebed, Bedsidetable, Tulton Bathroom Tissue Box, Canister, Livingroom Tulton Shelf Two TV, Livingroom Tulton Three Candles, Livingroom Munich ballerina, Glas 1-3, Diningroom Munich Candle, Candleholder
Dockamorpher: Seaview Love Seat
Dot: Shed Hose Mesh, Shed Wall Hose Mesh, Source Open Book Mesh
Ironleo78: Claude Monet 9 More Lilies Paintings
Jomsims: attraction bathroom product 2 and wall deco, wall towels, metal table mirror deco and plant metal pot, Attraction bedroom plant, end table, Attraction living room coffee table, corner sofa cushion, cushions decorative, sofa 1, sofa 2, chair puff and structure sofa, Lemingstone garden coffee table, Woltex sofa bedroom, Simple bloc livingroom, modern sens puff , MC BRIDE metal column deco, metal passion towels deco for sink
Jorgha-haq: Delight dino stencil
Kardofe: beginnings book, cushions, boxes, laundry blind, Basket with detergent, in the kitchen cookie plate, water bottle, napkin ring
Kitkat: Awesims Cleopatra Day Bed Set Conversion
Khanysims by Jomsims & Guardgian: Build set
Koposov: set no.2 office chair
Ladesire: desserts
Lulu265: Bella Vista Painting
Msteaqueen (recolor), Pilar (mesh): Slide Painting_RC 7
Matine: Laundry set
Mutske: vy pot large, large palm in pot, kinlet candle light
Natalay Popova: Partition aquarium decor
NynaeveDesign: Altara Glass Panel
Pilar: Cassandre HouseBWall
PlumbobCenter: Washer/Dryer converted from TS3
Puresims (recolor), Ung999 (mesh), Pilar (mesh): messy blanket, lang blanket
Sailfindragon: Boston Patio Dining Parasol
Severinka: Halogen ceiling light Klarissa, Piece of heaven Scales *Decor*, Asian Bathroom Corner box, Bathroom Laguna bath towel, Romantic bedroom Angel Candles with rose, Kids room 'Baby sheep' TV's, Wall sculpture 'Sheep', Wall sculpture 'Sheeps'
Sg5150: old boat
ShinoKCR: Dining Eboni - Fireplace Tools, Logholder, Monaco Living – Shelf, Tower large, Kids Monaco - Canopy Bar Black and Silver, small greenhouse, Curtain solid for Wall 2 Left, PB Printer Living - Painting lightwood Frame
Simcredible: Velvet 2 Sculptures, fireplace and 2 Glass Separators, Wardrobe stuff 2 pairs of shoes, all boxes, clothes (under miscellaneous), Titania Magazines Rack, Pillows, Mantis Steps, Painting , Sea Foam “Chest (Closed)”, Pillows and Rug, Piece of heaven Scales *Decor*, arden Fake wall, Caminetto di pietra manoir (fireplace)
Simplestudio 404: kk_totoro Living Chairs
Simply aimee: Random Wall Art
Snaitf: Buyable Fishing Spots
TheNumbersWoman: Outdoor Project Hammock, Lemonade, Palm, Shabby Bargain Shabby Chic Kids Chair Teddy, Stuffed Elephant, Wierd Toy and Curtains, Shabby Bargain Shabby Chic Book with Glasses, Shabby Bargain Shabby Chic Dining Little Houses, Shabby Bargain Shabby Chic Kitchen antique Tin stack, antique Tin Large, Shabby Bargain Shabby Chic Bathroom Plant
Veranka: Old Mill lvy, Ikea imfors coffee table, VASEN Vase, plushies kitty playable, Restroom/Bathroom Deco
Viviansims: Duck
Ung999: Bedroom Cedar Table Plant 1, Armchair

Happy Easter!

Additional Credits:
Pictures of works from Vértice Arquitectos, Frank Lloyd Wrights, Piet Mondrian and a screen-cut of MST website; Sims 4 moon in a screenshot; mods No-Fade Trees by Fakehousesrealawesome and No-Fade Columns by Plasticbox used for some screenshots.

Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Price (furnished): 119.054
Lot Price (unfurnished): 252.359