TS2 to TS4 - 15 Coffee Tables

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Uploaded: 10th Apr 2015 at 3:45 AM
Updated: 12th Jul 2015 at 10:33 PM
Hey guys.
So i struggled a lot with these but they are finally done!
15 converted coffee tables from The Sims 2! Almost all of the coffee tables! The Sims 2 had more which I'm planning to convert on a different set!
All of them have the original recolours from The Sims 2 plus some of mine! (Not all of them are pictured)
Also they have their original descriptions and they are compatible with the design tool thanks to the awesome Sims4Studio.

All of them are Base Game compatible except the small coffee table with the glass (Coffee Table Small 1) I used a Get To Work mesh for it!
Please note that they have higher polycount count since the Sims 2 meshes were more detailed that TS4's meshes.
All of them are included with numbered pictures in the rar so you can pick and choose!

You can find them under Surfaces/Coffee Tables!

ScienStone Dramatic Coffee Table: 230$
Scraps Ranch CafeMate Coffee Table: 70$
Ada Quaint Coffee Table: 180$
Queen Anne Coffee Table: 300$
Centerpieces Coffee Table: 230$
Chabadii Yet Another Coffee Table: 285$
Club Distress Avignon Rectangular Coffee Table: 180$
LEKSVIK Coffee Table: 100$

End-to-End Table: 80$
Chabadii Chabudinky: 120$
Club Distress Square Coffee Table: 60$
Cozy Colonial End Table: 145$
IMFORS Coffee Table: 100$
Simple Structure End Table: 50$
Simply Spindle Coffee Table: 45$
Feel free to recolor them

Please let me know if you encounter anything!
Hope you like them.

Polygon Counts:
Coffee Table 1: 1080
Coffee Table 2: 458
Coffee Table 3: 1231
Coffee Table 4: 1491
Coffee Table 5: 2284
Coffee Table 6: 1590
Coffee Table 7: 1412
Coffee Table 8: 1013

Coffee Table Small 1: 738
Coffee Table Small 2: 1356
Coffee Table Small 3: 845
Coffee Table Small 4: 1098
Coffee Table Small 5: 990
Coffee Table Small 6: 737
Coffee Table Small 7: 1083

Additional Credits:
EA for the meshes and textures
The awesome tutorials!