Default replacement - Uni bikinis replaced w/HP's Fanseefem bikinis

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Uploaded: 12th Apr 2015 at 3:39 AM
This replaces the four bikinis added in University with HP's Fanseefem bikinis, and makes the replacements available to adults. Since it replaces outfits added in University, it will not work properly if University is not installed.

There are two replacement packages in the rar; one uses bikini briefs and the other uses boyshorts, so make sure you only use one at any given time. Ideally, you should remove any other default replacement for the University bikinis (yfbodyswimwear) before installing either of my packages. However, if you have a swimwear replacement package that replaces several types of swimwear, you should be able to replace the yfbodyswimwear elements of that package as long as you make sure that my package loads last.

Since the Maxis originals are patterned, I used some of HP's patterned swimsuits. I used purple to replace blue, and brown to replace orange, but pink and green are the same. The patterning on the purple and brown briefs is sort of subtle, and may not always be obvious, but it's there. Click the spoiler button for each set to see it.

Note: I used Cat's replacement mesh for AF swimwear and undies. If you use either the Maxis mesh or HP's replacement mesh, the outfits will not look exactly the same as in the pictures.

Additional Credits:
Maxis, for the original mesh.
HystericalParoxysm, for the textures.