Rivendell, elven outpost (no CC)

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Uploaded: 29th Apr 2015 at 10:42 PM
Updated: 3rd May 2015 at 5:06 PM - add a new vision without cupcake factory
It is a dream to live with green. Thus, I've built an elven outpost in an amazing valley with animated waterfalls in background and in foreground. Thanks to the Sims 4 basement update, so that I am able to build a valley in basement, bridges above it, 4-stories towers, mountains and waterfalls. The useable floors of this lot are from F2 to B2. I've defined three different living areas there: the lord part, the country part and the guest part. Each part has its own entrance. If you like the first view of this lot, let's start a tour through the houses (cf. my attached screenshots above, which are sorted after my text description below):

The lord part
The sims may reach the main entry through a white bridge with cavalier statures at the front side. Pass away a garden with fountain at the left side, go upstairs, they will reach the main tor on the floor 2. From the entry there they have three choices:
1) turn left. There is a long passage above the front waterfall with amazing views to the green valley, garden, towers, etc. This passage is the only way to the living room with piano and chess, master bedroom and bathroom as well as a quarter-circle patio there.
2) go straight. There is a door to a patio near a waterfall with grill and outdoor seats.
3) turn right. There is a living room with sofas, TV, bookcase, a door to the balcony around this room and a door to the kitchen (tea and coffee part). The cooking part of kitchen is downstairs on floor 1. Next to it, is there a great hall with 8 seats and a small bar. A WC is also direct beside it. After a dinner, one can go outside through a side door there, or go downstairs to cavalier square, theater and lab. on the level B1 and to a secret room under the lab. through a bookcase door. Two small rooms near the cavalier square are still empty. They can be used for example as prisons. The outside pavilion are usable. One can also use the stairs near the pavilion to take a walk on the ground of the green valley and to go swim in the stream there.

The country part
Go over a narrow wood bridge on floor 1 and through a passage behind it, is there a country garden with doors to a bedroom with two single beds (e. g. for servants) and to an artist studio, a bathroom and a room with a cake machine and a woodwork table. Another door of that artist studio leads to the garden middle. The sims can take a seat on the bench there to enjoy the peace and green. A further surprise will you have, if you use the stairs near the cake machine. Two times downstairs is there a room of fitness and an underground garden as kids playground. One time go downstairs, you will find a big wood door. It is the access to a carve, decorated with crystal stones. Part of waterfall drop down into a pond in this carve. To certain day time, the sun light will fall down in the carve through a small top opening. In the night, the carve is colorful lighted. Children can play with the corsair there and adults can listen music and dance. The carve has also an entrance face to the stream in the green valley.

The guest part
Rooms of this part are all underground. But they are not isolated from the nature and day light. You can find the entry downstairs beside the wood bridge. There, the sims can play cards with friends and draw pictures. On the level B2 is there a bar with 5 seats, a dining table, a guest kitchen, a guest bedroom and a characteristic bathroom. The sims can also enjoy the nice green valley there. Just let your sims jump into the stream there, go swim in direction of the front bridge. At the end of the swim way is there a wall mirror. The sims can speak to the mirror during swimming.

The landscape of the green valley is very fine decorated. Man needs patience to place the stones in the form like now. If you like this landscape lot, please thumps up. I will be glad to see your feedback.

- CC free, different cheats e. g. MOO used. You should set this lot in the mode of construction, not in the maps of the city.
- Some wallpapers should not be changed, because some stones will disappear after the change.
- This is an all-in-one lot. You can also easily switch it to other Sims 4 base game lot type without adding anything.

Update on 3. May 2015 Add file Artrui_Rivendell 2.rar
I was asked to upload the same lot just without cupcake factory. Thus, the only changes in the Rivendell 2 are: no cake machine, tiny changes of pavilion and roof color (see rivendell 2.jpg). It is not necessary to download this file for the people, who has already installed the original file. The Rivendell 2 is still a no CC residence lot. You should install it after the install instructions and my note.

Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Price (furnished): 776.843
Lot Price (unfurnished): 365.463

Additional Credits:
film images of Rivendell (the hobbit)