The Pocketbook's Dream (No CC) (Two Versions)

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Sue-Ellen adjusted her eyeglasses, staring down at the brochure set before her. "Are you sure that this is the correct price?!" she stated as her jaw gaped in amazement. The realtor, who has heard those exact words enough times to write a soliloquy about it, nodded his head wholeheartedly in agreement. This came as a shock to poor Sue-Ellen, who has suffered browsing through hundreds of pricey homes that don't offer much more than a fancy coat of paint and some professional landscaping work. Like most honest and hard-working Sims, Sue-Ellen just wanted a basic house that met the needs of everyday life without sacrificing the pocketbook. One could say, this home is the Pocketbook's Dream...

Boasting a compact design, yet effective floorplan, the Pocketbook's Dream is the answer to a cost-effective home that doesn't cut short on appeal. From the exterior, one's eye can easily be drawn to the various attractions that are offered on this home. The front driveway paves the way to a gated backyard, which is waiting patiently for the budding family to grow into!

Once entering the home, you'll notice that the open-concept living and dining room combination is perfect for entertaining, whereas the two comfortable bedrooms are tucked away separately from the rest of the home. Plus, a gorgeous fireplace brings a certain charm that lights up the room, and surrounds you and your loved ones with warmth in the frigid winter months.

The Pocketbook's Dream sets itself as an example for the perfect starter home for the budding family, or just as a quiet and charming retreat for the single Sim. With room to grow and flourish within, you'll be sure to be just as surprised as Sue-Ellen when you step inside and make yourself right at home!

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): 24,714

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There are two versions of this house, a Basic version that offers only the bare essentials such as a kitchen and bathroom, but leaving way for your own furnishings. There is also a Complete version, which offers more furnishings to get yourself started within.

The Basic version costs 18,155