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Give your game a heavy German accent - The German Name Mod!

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Uploaded 8th May 2015 at 7:24 AM

Few people know that English and German actually share the very same roots. So why not go "back to the roots" with this little mod here?
Ever since I first played Sims 3, it bugged me that the names were such a mess. I for myself prefer to recreate my surroundings in my game, and my surroundings just so happen to be German. Of course the EAxis-name list for Sims 3 contained some German words, but I still got upset about it, because they are words - not names! That's a difference!!

So I made this mod here. It's basically just an override of the default name list. I completely redid it and filled it in with names that are very common in Germany. Say hello to your new sims with names like Alexander, Lukas, Jens or Reinhard; Gudrun, Bettina, Marianne or Larissa. Oh, and not to forget the surnames! All your common and expected names are here like Müller or Schmitt, Fischer or Weber, they even are more common to appear in your game, too! But to fully explore the richness of German surnames, even ones like Schinnagel, Königsheimer, Marburg and Hainstätter are included.

To prevent misunderstandings:
- The list also includes the surname Fuchs, pronounced somewhat like [fooks], which is by no means an offensive word, it's the German equivalent of fox, and it can be a surname.
- Also don't be confused when Mr. or Ms. Dick comes along your way, that is the German equivalent of thick, big, obese or whatever you might want to call it. The British actor Bryan Dick approves for this explanation of his surname.
- Nope, Koch isn't a very strange way of spelling a rude word, it's the German equivalent of cook. It's just an occupation used as a surname. A somewhat famous real person by this name was Robert_Koch.
- If you come across a sim named for example Günther Günther, Werner Werner or Georg Georgi, this is neither a glitch nor a bug, it's a normal possibility because some older male German names can also be used as surnames. This does not occur with female names though, the reason for that being the Middle Ages when surnames were invented. (Ever wondered why there are so many German surnames ending with -mann, but none with the female version -frau? Exactly.) This won't occur very often though, only a handful names are double-used. I could remove them from the list, but they are so common in Germany - either as first or last names - that it would be unrealistic not to have them on the list.

And yes, there are plenty of umlauts in this mod. If you ever fancied someone with an ä, ö or ü in his or her name - or with a ß in the surname - you can have that now, too. Hooray for umlauts!
Please note that the mod only applies to randomly generated sims in game and the random names in CAS if you click the dice next to the name entry. Any already existing sim in your save file will not be affected by the mod. As this is a simple STBL mod, it should not conflict with any other mod, except if you already have one that overrides the name list. In that case you have to decide which one you want to use more and dismiss the other.

Have fun with it and report any issues you run across!
Greetings from Germany!

Some examples:

Additional Credits:
Thanks to TigerM for "Stubble STBL Editor"

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