Peggy 5825 Fixed & Remi'd

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Uploaded: 10th May 2015 at 3:44 PM
I'm always on the hunt for really nice short hair for men, and during that hunt I usually end up discovering really nice short hair for women instead. Like this one! Peggy 5825, or Fh091108_1, is a really cute short hair for women of all ages... with massive neck gaps and broken scalp textures, and all sorts of other interesting "features".

So I fixed it, and Remi'd it!

It comes in five natural colours - including a light brown based on safety fuse - and four unnatural ones, based on Pooklet's Nuclear, Cannonball, Guncotton and TNT, which are available for teen and up. TNT is the dark red which is binned as custom - feel free to bin it as red if you like, but I won't 'cause it's too clearly dyed for my red bin. The naturals are all familied, elders go grey, and the grey is linked to the black.

In terms of the mesh, I completely replaced the scalps on all ages and deleted some extra faces from the adult mesh to reduce the poly count. Even so, the mesh is high poly - it's not gonna break anyone's game, but 7500 polys for five inches of hair is a bit much all the same. Take a look at the second-to-last pic if you want to see what I fixed.

This mesh conflicts with Peggy's original. That also means that if you have existing recolours of this mesh, you can replace Peggy's mesh with my fixed one and your recolours will continue to work, although the scalp textures may be weird if the creator of your recolours rearranged their textures to work with the broken scalps.

Polygon Counts:
Adult: 7648
Toddler-Teen: 7357

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Peggy (dead link) for the original mesh and alpha, Remi for the textures, and Pooklet for the actions Remi used for the unnatural colours!