TS2 to TS4 - 12 Curtains

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Uploaded: 13th May 2015 at 8:41 PM
Updated: 19th May 2015 at 10:45 AM
Hey guys!
This time I have all the curtains from TS2 (Well almost because one of them had a UV mapping problem as usual -.- So one is missing)
I also converted a two tile version from a curtain made by IgnorantBliss (Thanks <3)

(I forgot to take pictures of the recolors of this one so excuse me about that It has the same recolors as the above because they are a set obviously. )

They have their original colors from TS2 (I know that some of them are weird but hey..that's why I love TS2 :P) plus some recolors of mine along with their original catalog descriptions and prices.
As usual please note that TS2 meshes are more detailed than TS4 so that means higher poly counts! Check them
The extra recolors were done with the Sims4Studio so have in mind for some recolors you have to choose them from the catalog since they don't work with the Design Tool. This is not a problem from Sims4Studio but a matter on how the game handles the combined packages.When an option to add more swatches is available I'll update them.

All of them are included with numbered pictures in the rar so you can pick and choose!

I really hope you like them
Feel free to recolor them!
More to come!

Polygon Counts:
Curtain 1: High: 1160 Med: 968
Curtain 2: High: 986 Med: 873
Curtain 3: High: 938 Med: 818
Curtain 4: 1444
Curtain 5: 1444
Curtain 6: 734
Curtain 7: 1060
Curtain 8: 824
Curtain 9: 800
Curtain 10: 1156
Curtain 11: 714
Curtain 12: 1144

Additional Credits:
EA & TS2 for the meshes and textures
IgnorantBliss for the two tile curtain (Thank you <3)
Sims4Studio (LOVE)
Photoshop CS6
The awesome tutorials over at Sims4Studio.com!