~New~ Base Game, One-tile Desk and Matching Stool for Sim Children

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Uploaded: 26th May 2015 at 9:29 PM
Updated: 26th May 2015 at 10:55 PM
These are Base Game objects, a one-tile desk and matching stool, and they were created so there would be a desk that would look appropriate in rooms that Sim children use and that is gender-neutral. They also have TWO SUBSETS so the tops and bases are MIX or MATCH on either the desk, the stool or both! The stool is slaved to the desk so recolors of the desk work for both, with minimal effort. Since they work together, you should keep both in your game for the colors to show-up correctly.

Special Notes:
When Maxis computers are placed on the top, the corner of the keyboard and mouse pad extend past the front edge. This is because the desk has been made small enough as not to cut into the walls. Perhaps a custom laptop may be found and used instead.

Since there is no back on the stool, some of the animations are a bit more elaborate, but only just briefly and no more than others' creations with a no-back design.

In Maxis desks, the tile to the right side of the desk should be left unobstructed for the child to walk up and place their homework. Teens do not have this problem. This is a routing slot design by Maxis and not a fault with this mesh or package.

Finally, with the help of Michelle, I have added another slot to the back part of the desk so a lamp or other object may be placed there. If you are unsure how to use the slots, just place your additional object on the desk and use the letter "M" on your keyboard to snap to the second (back) slot. Do not leave anything in the center of the desk or the homework won't get placed there.

Poly count: 386 for the desk (over 1 tile); 386 for the stool (over 1 tile)

Number of subsets: 2 on Desk and 2 on Stool

Cost: §75 for the desk; §45 for the stool

Found: Buy Catalogue --> Miscellaneous --> Children (Not Under Surfaces)

The finish, on both desk and stool, is a white-washed wood grain in very usable colors consisting of light, bright and neutral shades.

The colors are as follows:
Lights = Pink(MM/PinkSlip), Peach, Yellow, Light Green, Aqua, Light Blue(MM/PerfectPowderBlue), Lavender(MM/SimplyStunning)
Brights = Red, Orange(MM/RadicalRaceCar), Gold(MM/Gilt-yPleasure), Dark Green, Teal, Dark Blue, Purple
Neutrals = Black, Light Grey, Brown, Ivory, Denim Blue, Military Green
Default = White
MM = Maxis-Match to Wall Colors

I hope you enjoy using these creations in your game. Thank you for looking!

Polygon Counts:
386 for the desk (on 1 tile)
386 for the stool (on 1 tile)

Additional Credits:
Maxis/EA ~ MTS ~ SimPE ~ CEP ~ GIMP ~ MilkShape 3D ~ UVMapper Pro ~
FastStone Capture

Special Thanks and Credit:
Michelle for her help, opinions, patience, and support