*Victorian-ish CAS Screen*-updated

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Uploaded: 9th Jun 2015 at 7:05 PM
Updated: 10th Jun 2015 at 8:55 AM
Ever since I saw this CAS by maybesomethingdunno I just knew - I had to make one! Time passed,my worthless tries got rejected...but I did not leave that dream of mine.....I just needed to make it better. This is something that I decided to do in order to participate in the new monthly theme,since the idea of changing that boring base game CAS was something that I never finished.
The CAS at first had to be related to another of Jules Verne's works - "In 80 days around the world" and had to include objects of each visited country,but the cc were too many,so I had to redo it with smaller amount of cc. Anyway this is half-Victorian/Gothic/Orient,so enjoy!

Required info:
  • You need Open for business EP and Mansion & Garden SP
  • You need to download from here: "wind_CASinvisibleobjects_familypart", "wind_CASinvisibleobjects_nomirror" and extract in "Downloads" folder. Made by windkeeper
  • There are custom content included in the rar - Objects by Adele
  • I tried to remove the unused recolors,but some of Adele's meshes had the recolors in the .packages,so you might get one or two recolors in addition to the required ones
  • Edit: Thanks to Tabby for noticing the missing loveseat/chest recolors. If you have downloaded the rar and they were missing,re-download the CAS or download separately from the list below.
  • I had not edited the lighting in the main room,so you can still take pictures there. However the family room(where the created sims appear) has lightning edited. You can see it in the pictures.

There are some important info that you need to read carefully to install and uninstall the CAS screens:
How to Install/Uninstall
There's a rar included in the thread called "CAS_Screens". In it you'll find - "CAS!.package" and "YACAS!.package" and a folder called "CAS_Objects". That rar must be extracted in Downloads folder. If you have problems locating it - see the help in "Install Instructions" in the site.
  • The CAS file will replace the existing Create-A-Sim screen,that loads each time to create a family.
  • The YACAS file will replace the existing Create-A-Sim screen,that loads each time in University(or games later on) to create young adults.
  • You can use both files at the same time. Or choose different CAS or YACAS screen from other creators and have a mix
  • The folder in the rar, contains the required objects in order for the CAS screen to show properly.
  • To Uninstall - remove "CAS!.package" , "YACAS!.package" , "wind_CASinvisibleobjects_nomirror.package" and "wind_CASinvisibleobjects_familypart.package". You can leave the objects folder if you're an Adele fan

The files have been tested,but if you find anything wrong,please contact me.
Objects Included in the rar by Adele: Urns and Chest, Ornate Chinese Set black, Ornate Chinese Set EndTable, Ornate box at Graveyard, Pile of books, Gothic Loveseat and Exquisite Mirror

Additional Credits:
Objects by Adele and Empty CAS by windkeeper
Easy Create a CAS tutorial by Saraswati5
In pictures: Hair by PeggySims, Hat by Lina,dress by me,skin by Enayla