No More Overpriced Flowers and Fruits

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Uploaded: 7th Jun 2015 at 8:21 PM
Updated: 20th Jun 2015 at 4:55 PM
No More Overpriced Flowers and Fruits

This mod will keep the maximum value a produce (any fruit or flower) can gain to its respective price in the catalog - i.e. as if you bought the item from the build/buy catalogs.

Previously, as the quality of the produce gets better, you will gain unexplained price changes (usually increments) if you do any of the following:
- save or reload, travel to another lot, go on vacation etc
- sell one stacked item after another
- put item into household inventory, place item on ground in lot, rinse and repeat
With expensive high quality produce, e.g. blackberry, the price gains are much greater.

The mod comes with the following additional console commands:

Validates mod definitions used with those in game
Lists and counts instantiated items by type with max. value applied
Household inventory items are not checked as they are not instantiated.

You don't need to enable testingcheats to use the above commands.

ckobjs: You can use ckobjs to do some basic troubleshooting. It ensures the objects being checked for applying the mod matches those as defined in-game.

lobjs: An instantiated item is one that exists in the game. Items placed in the household inventory are technically not in-game. Their value will be updated the next time you pull them out of the inventory. Items that are spawned around the house (e.g. wild bushes) are considered in-game.

Example output:
object_GardeningFlower_Sage: 40 items
This means there is a total of 40 sage flowers loaded currently.

As lobjs checks wild bushes, trees etc, you should be able to use this in vacation lots, venues etc to check quickly if there is produce ready to be harvested.

Installation and Compatibility

Simply copy, do not unzip, the zip file into your game Mods folder. This is a script mod, so scripting must be enabled in your game options.

This mod is tested to be compatible with Windows version of the game up to patch (see GameVersion.txt)

If you want to keep the prices of any inflated items previously, make sure you keep a backup save of your game before applying the mod.

If you have applied the mod, the price changes are not permanent until you save. So, if you applied the mod and is not happy with the changes, just exit the game and remove the zip file

Produce from Base and Outdoor Retreat are checked. However, OR is not required. If you have Base, it will still work.

If you can't wait for the next pack and have already updated to the latest patch, you can troubleshoot as follows:

Known Issues

None (currently)

Additional Credits:

All of the brilliant people who have worked on getting the game's base scripts decompiled.

Fetusdip for his reload script to make testing a whole lot easier

Scripthoge for the Python script injection routines required to make this mod possible

scumbumbo for his mods and board posts which I used as reference materials.