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Throw a Great Party Dreams Fix

10,606 Downloads 473 Thanks  Thanks 119 Favourited 29,035 Views
Uploaded: 7th Jun 2015 at 3:55 PM
Updated: 29th Jul 2015 at 9:50 AM - BugFix
29th July 2015 : BugFix (I forgot to include the RagingParty). Thanks nikel23.

Mod Info
Developed and tested with game version 1.67.
This mod requires University Life EP (otherwise is useless).

Mod Description
If UL is installed, new party outcomes are added to the game.
But in the code that checks the outcome of a party to see if a dream/promise
of throwing a great party is fulfilled those new outcomes aren't considered
even if they are better than the one able to fulfil the dream.

This mod fixes the following dreams:
- Throw a Great Party
- Have a Great Birthday Party
- Throw a Great Slumber Party (Generations EP)

Note: if the host of the party has a certain reward trait, Legendary Host maybe,
the party will always be a success and the dream will be fulfilled.
Well, something like that, I don't remember all details.

In the code I also found tracks of "challenges" (ChallengeNode and ChallengeFeedbackResult
technically) that may also be bugged, something like "throw 10 great parties", but I wasn't able
to track them down. Maybe it's unused code. Beats me.

I had already uploaded this mod in the forum some time ago, but since I just released another
fix I thought that maybe this too deserved more visibility to reach simmers in distress.
Or maybe I'm just an attention whore. You decide.

Special thanks
I'd like to thank nikel23 who basically, describing technically the issue, told me how to fix it

Additional Credits:
All respective authors and contributors of the tools and tutorials for modding TS3.
MTS and all modders who made the game much more enjoyable.
theapoo for feedback and testing.