The Mole Residence ~ 153 Main Street, Desiderata Valley

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Uploaded: 7th Jun 2015 at 9:25 PM

Here we have John Mole's house: the floorplan has been redesigned, a second bedroom and a powder-room added, the pool enlarged,
and the roof fixed. All done while maintaining the integrity of the original EAxis/Desiderata Valley house (I hope!)

The color scheme is still predominantly black and white. The furnishings are still modern... and, John's prized telescope is right where he left it!
However, the bathroom and kitchen have flipped places. The kitchen's appliances were upgraded and a counter height dining island added. The bathroom has lost it's tub - but the new shower is top-of-the-line! The Master bedroom, though basically the same, feels a little less cramped, and the added second bedroom, though tiny, is perfectly livable. Please scroll through the pictures above to see all the improvements.

The above picture shows what you see when entering the house.

Security is a top priority for John - so, there is a new security system, with the newest, fastest internet/wifi/cable/phone lines all freshly installed. Outside in back, besides the telescope, there is a chess-table, exercise machine, easel, grill, and dining table. The pool has been widened and a few extra lounge chairs added. A second gate has also been added off the side of the driveway.
John absolutely loves his new house! Now, when he meets the "right" one, he can easily settle down and start a family - without any worries!

Please note: No sim has ever lived here. This is a clean copy.
If you want to replace John's original house with this one - you will have to move him out first. Make sure he has enough money to afford the new place! (His new digs cost $54,394 simoleans) Then bulldoze the original, replace it with this version, and move him back in

Necessary, and NOT included - GO get them:
Sophie-David's Invisible Driveway
Numenor's Unlevel Wall - #90 (only necessary if walls are missing - it means I used the unlevel wall instead of "CFE" while building. If walls are missing, exit without saving and add Numenor's Unlevel Wall to your DL folder before loading this house again)
And, I highly recommend:
Menaceman's Lunatech Lighting Fix

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): 54,394

Custom Content Included:
- desk-techep8-1T by HugeLunatic @ MTS2
- ShiftOMSP1sm by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- ShiftOMSP1smInvi by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- counter-dummy_island by HoneyWell @ MTS2
- Invisiblesmokealarm by pfish @ MTS2

Additional Credits:
Thank you EAxis for this wonderful game
And, MTS2 for this terrific website!