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Seven Dwarfs' Fairyland (no CC)

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Uploaded: 11th Jun 2015 at 12:54 AM
Updated: 16th Jun 2015 at 8:52 AM - change screenshots
This landscape lot is on one hand a residential place, designed for the fairy tale Snow White in Disney style. On the other hand, it is like an amusement park of fairyland. A lot of surprises let we find:
+ in the small strange cottage
+ in the forest with hidden playgrounds
+ in the mine with different work-activities.

The lot itself is a story teller. If you like, it is my pleasure to guide you into this fairyland:
Part 1: cottage
In the foreground, a nice path leads to the cottage of seven dwarfs. Some rabbits on it's front yard look around themselves. One can look through a window of the cottage to have a first impression of the interior looks.
Go inside it. The dining table with eight chairs point out how many people can live here. Characteristic wood-works around the dining area implicate the creativity of it's host.
The dwarfs and Snow White has a common favorite - music. After works and after an evening dinner, the dwarfs can have a right happy music night by playing piano, guitar and violin there.
[Tips:] They can also dancing by using a hidden stereo (above on a wall and behind a wood column which is decorated with a small red apple picture).
A door beside the piano leads to a toilet. Seven bath robes are hanging very low on the wall towards the bathtub there.
A door beside the fireplace leads to the back yard. The sinks under the eaves are for the dwarfs to wash their hands before the dinner. In the back yard are there also a planter corner and a picnic place.
Without changing the front view of the cottage in Disney looking, I've finally found a way to let the roof floor of this cottage usable. There are a balcony and a bedroom there for Snow White and perhaps for an other guest. The seven dwarfs' sculptures around the three beds let we remember the funny mimics, as the dwarfs first time saw Snow White.
[Tips:] the stairs to that roof floor will disappear if we every time open this lot, or after a wall building (inclusive change a wall paper, fence, patio and pool). But if you don't want that bedroom just be a decoration, please see the step for step guide to replace the stairs here.
Go downstairs to basement. A big room there was first a storage, then a seven-beds-dormitory for the dwarfs. A bathroom is beside this dormitory as well as a small hobby room for drawing.
Although the cottage is so tinty, it is very practical for together living up to 8 sims.

Part 2: forest
In the forest beside the cottage, sims can increase their fun points:
It is on a corner of the forest. Go inside it, it is a small space for child. A little child can draw pictures, play with toys and store some collections there.
Hiden club:
Beside the treehouse, is there a narrow path leading to climbing possibility in the nature and an entry of a rock house. On the overground part of this rock house is there a magic lodge for child to make some color liquid like a magician.
The stairs beside it leads to a bar in basement. It is like a club with TV and card play items. A window there is opened to the valley and offers a sight to the waterfall.
The stairs beside the window leads to an imaginary port with an old ship and a WC with sight to the underground part of the river.
Through a door in the bar and through a play corner (with a dolls castle + a play mate), one can go outside to play chess in the valley.
The other side of the river is a quiet place. To take a seat there, the sims must go back to the cottage, get out through its back exit, go along the path to a stone stairs and go downstairs. A bed of rose petals there was Snow White's coffin. There, she was awaken through a true love kiss by her Prince Charming.
[Tips:] This bed is a decoration. If you want your sims use this bed, just remove the plat petal under the bed.
Because this place is near the mine, I call it crystal valley.
Way to the mine:
Started from cottage, seven dwarfs had to pass away three bridges to arrive the entry of theiry mine. The first small bridge near the cottage is at the time a decor bridge.
[Tips:] If you take away the wood plat on that surface, this bridge will be useable.
The following path leads through a stone stairs and to plateaus of hills. Some slopes of the plateaus are quiet steep. A child needs to have courage to play a violin by standing on a cliff.
Go through the second wood plat bridge, one can arrive the top part of treehouse. The microphone on the treehouse patio is usable.
The third bridge has still it's raw form of a tree trunk and is right over a waterfall. The seven dwarfs aways lined up to cross this bridge and sang about a same melody.

Part 3: mine
The entry of mine can be already seen from the way to the mine.
[Tips:] Before go inside the mine, we can let sims dance together by clicking a hidden stereo on the wall of cave entry. It looks like a black slit.
The first cave in the mine is a machines room. The machines there are usable objects. The stairs to the further parts of mine is beside the cupcake factory.
In the second cave is there a fitness area. Beside it, in the staircase is there a window camouflaged in rocks.
Downstairs again, the third cave is amazing. There are a wood work area and a crystal pond surrounding with colorful gems between the stones. If the sims go swim to the middle of the pond, they will see a "dreams will become true" wish corner.
[Tips:] Actually it is a mirror wall. Sims can talk to the mirror during swimming.
Go back to the staircase, a door next to a punch bag leads to two WCs.
[Tips:] If you want to have a short way from cottage to mine, you can put a door on the wall beside the shower there (with MOO cheats).
On the last underground floor is there a huge cave. It is a fantasyland with a mine train. The railway turns in circle around the center of mine. A lot of narrow wood paths lead to different corners of the mine in different heights. Some dwarfs sculptures there help we to image, how did they work there:
The dwarfs found the treasures in the explore division. The unknown materials would be sent to the research division. At last, in the check division, the treasures would be sorted and registered. In the control room, one can see whether all works go well or not.

A short summery for the lot is: rest in cottage, play in forest and work in mine.

- No CC, base game lot, different cheats e. g. MOO used. You should set this lot in the mode of construction, not in the maps of the city.
- It is an all-in-one lot, too. You can also easily switch it to other Sims 4 base game lot type (e.g. park) without adding any items
- Some wallpapers as well as wall buildings should not be changed, because some stones will disappear after the change.
- After new installation of the lot, forms of some wood-sculptures could be "transformed". Use cheat "bb.showhiddenobjects" can you find these items "cry from the depths of the soul", "vultures and other strange birds" and "the bunked sardine" under decoration/sculpture again. Put them temporary on a surface more times to find a form you want. They have per sculpture three forms.
- After new installation of the lot, some frames (of sims self-painted pictures) and dirty dishes are gone.
- This lot is original placed in Dusty Turf (Osis Springs), next to my featured lot Rivendell.

Tell me, which part in this lot surprise you, and, which part do you like. I will be glad to see your feedbacks. Happy simming!

Lot Size: 30x20
Lot Price (furnished): 571.505
Lot Price (unfurnished): 325.651

Additional Credits:
Disney model of seven dwarfs' cottage. The picture is from: http://dsn.duowan.com/0907/112725462201.html