Testers Wanted - Retextures for RGiles Scarborough Kitchen *UPDATED* 10th/04

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Uploaded: 9th Apr 2005 at 7:34 PM
Updated: 12th Oct 2008 at 7:11 AM by -Maylin-
Ok folks.. heres the retex I have made for the awesome new kitchen by the ever talented RGiles, thanks muchly for greatly improving my simmies domestic bliss :yippee:

You must have the main kitchen meshes installed for these textures to work...
Get RGiles Scarborough Kitchen HERE

These are new textures, not hue & sat changes. Off white wood, with light wood inserts and a butchers block counter ... very much like my own kitchen.. sort of'ish 'cept mine is a bit more modern, less country'ified!! lol

I made a boo boo the 1st time, and didn't include the counter tops.. I realised what I did wrong and corrected it.. but something odd happened and the new set didn't show, but it does seem to all be working.. So I have included all 3 files (i'm not used to using Wizards of SimPe, so u'll have to forgive me if I have messed up)... as I said there, i didn't see any duplications when I tested it in my game and all worked well.

So as this is supposed to be for testing and not just a download bonanza, i'd appreciate it if you good folks good tell me if all is ok

Rules.. well you know the drill by now... don't upload anywhere, include in exchange lots, edit or clone my textures... etc .. so on & so forth... but by all means enjoy them

heres some pix


Thanks to Dewshine for sorting the file optimization out for me, this is a much smaller download, but includes the same stuff.... sorry about that folks, but thats what testing & learning is all about!... These will just overwrite the others.

Also i noticed, if you use the counter with all drawers (i think it was that one) to be the corner cupboard joined on both sides the counter top looks darker, so if you get that, just use another counter to be the corner

**ADDED ANOTHER TEX** 10th April
After seeing the requests to have the light wood panels on the doors made white, I have added this set 'White Classic', it also includes another counter top... I did try to make a version with glass panels, but try as I might I couldn't get them to be transparant, or semi.. So if anyone can help, that would be good

Anyway, heres a pic of the new tex, White Classic <--- click the name for pic

Please let me know who these work out in the game... Cheers!!


{aka SimderZ}

PS.. if you'd also like a rar version, let me know
**oh and its made with the latest version of Wizards and I have Uni