SimCity Parking Lots - 5 Lots - NO CC

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Uploaded: 1st Jul 2015 at 11:53 PM
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Nothing too terribly much to say about this upload- it's 5 different parking lots, each a different size and done in a slightly different style. These are mainly intended just as neighborhood decoration (it's kind of odd to have a big-box store without a few acres of parking out front, isn't it?), but they're also useable as housing for your city's homeless or transient Sims, or as a setting for those of you who like to do storytelling and need a parking lot backdrop for part of your latest epic tale!
A quick note- the lot size and price options don't work so well when there's more than one lot in a set, so the actual breakdown of the lots' actual sizes and prices can be found below.

These are all residential lots, because in working on this quick project, I discovered that vehicles don't actually appear on community lots without having a Sim owner of the lot to bring them in. Well, whatever- the point of these is mostly how they appear in the neighborhood, and a residential lot works just as well as a community lot for most purposes there.

There's a lot size for every dimension between 1 and 6 neighborhood tiles, depending on how they're rotated, so with careful placement, you should be able to match up a lot with any building you decide needs a parking lot in front of or alongside it.

Each lot also has a different style, a different economic niche, if you will, so you can choose their best city placement as you like. The 3x1 lot is the cheapest looking, and the 2x5 the most expensive- the other lots are all pretty midrange, they're just different environments and layouts so that your city's parking has a bit of variety. (And by all means, if you decide you like one of those styles and want to copy it and make more lots in that style, go for it!)

Technical details for lots this simple are pretty simple too- there's no CC anywhere (which should come as no surprise to any of you by this point!). With these lots, you need every EP, but as far as SPs go, the only reason I have them all listed as required is because I cannot remember where every type of tree or terrain paint or wallpaper came from. You'd probably be safe without ANY SPs, actually, but I leave that for you to judge! As far as size and pricing, that's below:

3x1 = $27,212
5x2 = $211,123
3x3 = $121,000
4x4 = $140,551
5x6 = $266,218

Some of these are pretty big lots, but there's no buildings (unless you count the 6-tile dumpster on the largest lot) to clog up your processor, so they're all pretty fast! The one thing I will mention is, if you do choose to have Sims live on any of these lots, don't use the cars! Without a proper driveway, they won't return to the lot correctly, and it's a lot of hassle that you just don't need to deal with!

Finally, as always, if you find any trouble with any of these lots, let me know, and I'll fix it as quick as I can! (I don't think you should though- there's not really much to cause trouble on lots as simple as these!)

Lot Size: 5x6
Lot Price (furnished): $27,212 - $266,218