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Craftsman's Pride Apartments [no CC]

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Uploaded: 19th Jul 2015 at 5:44 PM
Updated: 6th Mar 2016 at 8:27 PM
Long time no see, huh?

Actually these were planned to be my contribution to last month's theme (Maxis-match), bu I was busy studying to my finals and didn't have time to finish this project But what goes up, must go down

To be honest, it's my second attempt in converting to this lot into apartment buliding. The first one was done 6 years ago (!), but then I also made a separate apartment unit in basement, which eventually resulted in deleting that lot
Now I'm quite experienced builder and let lack of custom content and lack of IKEA SP content (quite brave, isn't it?) prove it! :D

3 floors - 3 apartments:
- 1st - most expensive, most contemporaty and in Maxis' style, for 3 sims - rooms: hall, kitchen+dining room, livingroom, bathroom, master bedroom, nursery and a part of the porch; rent price: 1,840 simoleons,

- 2nd - less expensive, more modern-looking, more in my own style, for 3 or 4 sims - rooms: hall, kitchen+dining room, livingroom, bathroom, master bedroom, kid/teen girl's room; rent price: 1,631 simoleons,

- 3rd - very low rent price, cheap furniture, for 1 or 2 sims - rooms: hall, claustrophobic bathroom, kitchen+dining area+livingroom, master bedroom; rent price: 777 simoleons.

Chess table indoors and a swing, riding horse, excercise machine and a bench outdoors are availabe to tenants' use.


Lot Size: 2x2
Rent Price: 777-1,840

Default replacements:
- Glass by Slig
- Roof trim by Phaenoh
- Floor edge by Fairy Forest
- Unique Separator details by HugeLunatic
- Excercise machine by slig
- Clothing rack by xjoelbabix

Side notes:
- that armchair in 1st apartment's bedroom is placed correctly now (when I was taking this screenshot it wasn't).