Little Worsley Hall - Circa. 1706

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Sitting at the edge of the village of Little Worsley in the county of Essex, just shy of the border with Suffolk, you'll find 'Little Worsley Hall', a charming Queen Anne style home. While parts of the home date back to the 16th and 17th centuries, the majority of the home was rebuilt in 1705/1706 during the reign of Queen Anne in the Queen Anne style, although design aspects such as the front gable stem from the Restoration style.

To the rear you can still see a wing of the Jacobean hall sitting upon the Medieval/16th century foundations. The office on the ground floor of this wing still boasts its original Jacobean wood paneling and plastered ceiling. Most of the ornate ceiling plaster can still be found throughout the house. Nowhere is it more apparent than in the dinning room and the bedroom above. Both rooms still maintain the majority of their original Queen Anne style decorative scheme of unpainted wood paneling, lightly stained wood floors, and ornate ceiling plaster. The aforementioned bedroom still maintains the whole of its decorative plaster scheme as well. This ornate plaster was removed from the rest of the house during the Georgian era when the ceiling roses were put up for the chandeliers.

While the dinning room remains largely untouched on the ground floor, the parlour across the hall was updated in the Georgian era and all of its woodwork was painted grey, as per the fashion in the area at that particular point in time. The drawing room behind it remained untouched until the Victorian era when it was updated to have darker painted paneling and ornate wallpaper. A marble fireplace surround was also inserted at the time to replace the existing wooden one. It was around this time that the bedroom above the parlour was divided into two bathrooms, with a third bathroom being installed in the attic for servants' use. This was prompted by the demolition of the lean-to on the back of the house, which contained the outdoor toilet which was replaced by the sunroom/solarium which now stands there.

Lot Info:
The house is built on a 30 by 30 lot and costs 215,008 Simoleons furnished and 151,223 Simoleons unfurnished. All of the fireplaces have been upgraded to 'Fireproof'. Every room with an external access door also contains a burglar alarm, although in the study this has been hidden behind a bookcase. The back-to-back fireplaces are all safe to change and remove, but removing too many of the fireplaces at once will muck up the method I created in order to get them the way they are. So bare that in mind should you decide to update the interior.
CC Included
Georgian Window Double Hung 2x1 by missyzim
CC Required(But Not Included)
Seperated Shutters by alverdine

Given the 'Around the World' theme, it seems fitting that I should offer up a fictional piece of my little corner of the world. I hope all you old house fanatics will enjoy this historic home that is very typical of my part of England. I've had so much fun building the home, drawing inspiration from various homes in my village and the surrounding villages. Although in reality the kitchen would now be some modern monstrosity with sleek white cabinets and polished granite worktops and recessed lighting, which would also probably have made their way into the rest of the rooms throughout the home. The majority of the home would also be carpeted too. These are aspects I've chosen to omit from my own creation due to personal taste.
What wasn't so fun was putting the ceilings in. Having used the CFE cheat the game decided to punish me and do its usual thing of moving ceiling tiles around, much to my annoyance. I've had to redo them multiple times. But I'm pretty sure they're all fixed now. *crosses fingers*
As usual, any issues, just let me know. Feedback is always appreciated.
I'd also like to thank Conorsim for building Rinn Fada which is the world I've built, pictured and played Little Worsley Hall in. It's a wonderfully designed world filled with nice houses and interesting sims that I simply cannot recommend enough.

Lot Size: 30x30
Lot Price (furnished): 151,223 Simoleons
Lot Price (unfurnished): 215,008 Simoleons

Custom Content Included:
- Double Hung Georgian Window 2x1 by missyzim @ TSR

Additional Credits:
Conorsim for building Rinn Fada