The Barcode District, Resort or Residential, No CC

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Uploaded: 7th Aug 2015 at 4:15 PM
This lot is based on the Barcode area about to be built in Oslo, Norway. Naturally I can't make the real thing in this game, I only have 5 floors to use. Barcode is a shoppingdistrict with offices and apartments mainly. I made it for shops, apartments and 2 penthouse flats.

It's likely to be suitable for world builders or players with big plans.

One thing I think the real Barcode is missing is flowers, restaurants and tempting seating areas on ground level. I tried to make it more human as i decorated it.

This lot is a bit heavy on the comp, at least as a resort. You could click on some of the doors set as VIP rooms and remove the status. For the residential version you could do the same with the NPC rooms if you like. The residential version is likely to be more gentle to the comp though.

To do changes to the residential version you need to use the cheat "RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings False/True". Turn the restrictions off with False, then you can start decortating the lot. The cheat will reset when you close the game, but you could just turn the restrictions on again with True.

I have decorted 2 apartments for your active Sims, and used them in both download versions.

2 Versions

As the original both versions has several rooms for shops on the lower floors, some rooms on the upper floors are also available.

Choose Zoning: If you choose the residential version, you can have the two apartments for your Sims, but the shops will not work unless you find a mod to have a shop on a residential lot. You can make it regular community lot if you like, but then you need somewhere else to live. The Resort was suggested as a community lot because you can have lots of rooms, run shops and have an apartment at the top. You still need a home lot though, unless you find yourself a mod to work around the limitations. There is several different options around, and i haven't checked them out I'm afraid.

The rooms belonging to the resort has been decorated, except the basement with the rabbithole building ... that's the resort building with spa and such. The shops has not been decorated. The 2 apartments has been decorated, the resort VIP rooms has one decorated bed. The NPC rooms has notting at all, not even a bed, as it's not needed, and not used by it's residents.

Residential Zoning:
This square has several rooms for NPC's, and that helps the lot down to 149k furnished for the 2 furnished apartments. The NPC rooms has no furniture and appear all dark in the game.

Resort Zoning:
If you choose this version, your Sim need a home lot elsewhere. This Square has a resort lobby with a bar and food store on ground floor. One of the 3 floor stores has 3 buffee tables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also has tables outside for the guests to eat at. The NPC apartments on this lot has been transformed into room for VIP guests, they have been furnished mostly with only 1 bed. That's the explanation for the extremely high price on this lot. The needed resort building is in the basement.
Remember you need Island Paradise expansion for this to work.

The resort has 91 VIP units. Price 523.868,- The cost to run it as I closed it down was 1250,- income all on the highest quality was 4095,-
Property value furnished: 692.580,-
Property value unfurnished: 523.848,-


I have used cfe on this lot, painting the ceiling is NOT recommended.

Lot Size: 50x50
Lot Price (furnished): 149k
Lot Price (unfurnished): 15k

Additional Credits:
Buzzler: Buildbuyrestrictionchoker - to have residential dishwasher etc, on a community lot.
treeag: AutoTestingCheatsEnabled and AutoBuyDebug - for those annoying cheats I have to use all the time.
Alverdine: Alverdine_curtainsALL - to move curtains up and down.
Pokeytax: NoFullMoonLightingEffect - to save me from the Supernatural purple light
Simlogical Inge Jones: ij_TicketMachine, to have more people on any lot and make them pay at arrival.