Functional Retail "Little Sprout" Seed Display

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Uploaded: 18th Aug 2015 at 10:06 PM
Updated: 5th Feb 2017 at 4:46 PM - Polish translation added.
If you have the Vampires pack installed, it is now possible to purchase garlic seeds from the seed display. NO update is required. The new option should appear on its own.

This is a new seed display known as the Little Sprout Seed Display which functions as a planter allowing seeds to be purchased from it directly. Designed to fit in with a retail setting of a garden store or similar, this may also be used on home lots.

This is a brand new object that will allow Sims to purchase starter packs of seeds, just like the garden planters already in the game. They do not allow you to attempt to plant produce in them. That would be silly. You will receive a notification when seeds are purchased and they will be placed in the purchasing Sim's inventory as normal.

It comes available in six colours at a cost of 180 simoleons each.
It can be found under Activities and Skills > Miscellaneous and Room > Outdoors > Outdoor Activites and, if you have GTW installed, Retail Objects as well.
It even features its own catalogue description. I try to make them amusing but I don't have EA's flair.

When playing as a store owner, this is intended to function as decor only. Sims will not autonomously purchase from it and if you set it for sale, they will purchase the entire display instead of just seeds. It is mostly intended to flesh out the look of your stores and to allow controlled Sims that visit the store to purchase seeds in a believable way that does not involve insta-ordering from the computer. When controlled Sims make a purchase, money will be deducted from their household funds but the store owner(s) will NOT receive any income from the sale.

The mesh is based on the console games display from TS2 and has been heavily remapped.
The wooden textures are also Maxis-match.

Polygon Counts:
Lod 0 = 416

Additional Credits:
whichever kind soul it was that extracted the in-game icons,
Polish translation added courtesy of GlossyGem.