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[UPD: 2015-12-10] NCI - Risky Quiz! (JEO! '84 Pilot Set)

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Uploaded: 22nd Aug 2015 at 7:27 AM
Updated: 18th Mar 2019 at 12:41 AM

Update 12/10/2015: The files were incompatible with the base-game, apparently. Adding the previous iteration of the set frozen your game on the loading screen. Also, there was no option to rotate objects 45 degrees at the time. Now these files have been tested, thanks to recent MTS member, MineKarterX (appreciate your testing of the items). The files also take up less space on your hard drive. Enjoy the set, once again. You will have to rebuild the set, some items have changed. Just overwrite your currently folders for the Risky Quiz set.

Finally, another game show project done, especially one that's been years in the making. From a huge CPU intensive set that used to be almost 200,000 faces, I redid the entire project to reduce its size to less than 30,000 faces large. And quite a savings on the graphics too. From more than 180mb in size, it went down to about 16mb. So, NCI is proud to present another award-winning collection for download to your Sims 2 game, this time the set from...Risky Quiz!

Say what? That set says J-E-O-(smack!). No it doesn't! To the Sims it's a foreign language. Beside, that other show is still on-the-air. Albeit, with a different set currently, the folks from that other show probably won't have a large problem with this. And if they do, than I shall oblige with almost any of their requests. Also, all the objects in the catalog will show up as "Risky Quiz!"

In the meantime, your Sims can enjoy their local TV studios even more with this realistic looking set. Play some of the questions and see how much they can score. Make sure to film it too. Turn it into a TV show for your Sim's SBN broadcast network. Don't forget to thank this download if you enjoyed it. Especially if you're the first player in the image below. She's going home with lots of simoleons.


Here are the set's limitations
1) The "flashing" letters & set borders don't actually emit light. They're merely animations set to sift through pictures. You'll need a light source to shine onto the objects to make them look light. I would recommend an invisible lamp, such as those from NixNivis. The ones used in the middle of the set are not available for download.

2) The Sims can approach the lecterns only with the help of the microphone. The microphone acts like a mirror, & so Sims will come to "Practice Speech","Practice Romance", or "Gussy Up". The microphones do not work as singing devices. The contestant lecterns do have interactive menu options, though, so check them out.

3) The set border has a slight problem with the interactive menu. You have to click at the highlighted corner seen in the picture below describing the border. Sometimes you may lose the option to click on it. The solution would be to zoom your camera into the object, then out. That should bring back the interactive menu option.

4) When placing an object onto a multi-tile object with "testingcheatsenabled true", an error message will pop up saying the Slot number is out of range. Turn off TCE by using "testingcheatsenabled false" to avoid the error message from occurring.

5) When filming, the flashing lights can look inconsistent (such as the lights being too fast). Use an external program to film the board rather than in-game.

6) You may only use the "M" key on your keyboard to move up to 6 slots further. I do not know how to make it so that you can freely move to other slots after 6 empty spaces.

7) To allow the game board to face at a 45 degree angle, you must have "allow45degreeangleofrotation true" on. Afterwards, you may turn off the cheat.

The objects are located conveniently in a collections file that you must place in your "Collections" folder from your EA Games folder. Otherwise, if you wish to go hunting for each item, here are where they are located:
The Set Borders are located in the Lighting -> Miscellaneous section of the catalog for $2,500.

The Letters/Exclamation Mark are/is located in the Lighting -> Miscellaneous section of the catalog for $200 each.

The Game Board Grid is located in the Surfaces -> Miscellaneous section of the catalog for $1,000.

The Question Monitor is located in the Electronics -> TV & Computers section of the catalog for $400 each.
The Contestant Score Digit is located in the Electronics -> Miscellaneous section of the catalog for $50 each.

The Contestant Lectern is located in the Decorative -> Miscellaneous section of the catalog for $550 each.
The Host Lectern is located in the Decorative -> Miscellaneous section of the catalog for $150.

The Microphone is located in the Hobbies -> Creativity section of the catalog for $1,000.

The Wallpapers are located in the Wall Tools -> Paint section of the catalog for $2 each.
The Floor Tile is located in the Floors & Ceilings -> Miscellaneous section of the catalog for $3 each.
Total cost starts at $24,150 for this set before placing floor tiles & wallpapers. The price for the flooring and paint will depend on the size of your studio. This set occupies at least 11 tiles long by 8 tiles wide, and is about 2 levels high. Make sure you make a studio with a stage that large. If you don't, start thinking about renovations! The future of Sims television...has passed, geez I'm way too late for the party, aren't I?

Well...here are some videos of an early iteration of the set:
Video #1 , Video #2

NCI Download Policies for this thread of (August 22, 2016) regarding:

You may use this download in your game however you wish. Enjoy it & if you feel like it, give feedback on how it works. Do not make money off of this creation.

Do not upload this creation onto other websites. Instead, please link back to this download thread from your website.

If you wish to convert or remix this creation for use in other games, please contact me by private message or e-mail for an arrangement on what you'd like to do with this creation.

This particular download is exclusive to ModTheSims & NCI's websites only. No other websites are allowed to provide this creation for download after any period of time passes, except if special distributions requests are granted. Minimum restriction on redistribution is 5 years from the date this policy is in effect.

Private message or e-mail me for such requests to be discussed. If after six months of contacting me (subject to the minimum 5 years from the date this policy is in effect) I do not respond, grants will then be arranged by ModTheSims staff. Any policies & decisions the site will have regarding retired/inactive members will be enforced by them.

Additional Credits:
Credit goes to Merv Griffin's creation "Jeopardy!", debuting in 1964, with the set representing the second 1984 pilot. Interestingly, this format of giving the players the answers to come up with the question actually began on TV with the "CBS Television Quiz" in the early 1940s. However, that format was one of many parlor-type games played on that show where the grand prize was a firm handshake...yeah, no money to go with that, it seems.

Credit goes to Quaxi's "SimPE" for making it possible to upload the new meshes in-game.

Credit goes to chUmbaLum sOft's "Milkshape 3D" for making the meshes for most stuff in the download.

Credit goes to Adobe "Photoshop CS2" for editing the textures.

Credit goes to APNG Assembler 2.8 for creating the animated picture logo used for this download thread.

Credit goes to Microsoft "PowerPoint 2003" for being able to rearrange some additional textures.

Polygon Counts:
Polygon Counts for the Set Borders:
Faces: 1,808
Vertices: 2,319

Polygon Counts for the Game Board Grid:
Faces: 1,492
Vertices: 1,924

Polygon Counts for the Question Monitors (x30):
Faces: 8,760
Vertices: 14,310

Polygon Counts for the Set Letters/Exclamation Mark (9-Piece Set):
Faces: 6,692
Vertices: 8,731

Polygon Counts for the Contestant Lecterns (x3):
Faces: 4,548
Vertices: 5,205

Polygon Counts for the Host Lectern:
Faces: 954
Vertices: 1,300

Polygon Counts for the Microphones (x3):
Faces: 2,184
Vertices: 1,800

Polygon Counts for the Score Digits (x21):
Faces: 42
Vertices: 84

Total Polygons Count:
Faces: 26,480
Vertices: 35,673