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Disentangled Part 1 - 26 De-Accessorized, Retextured, & Fixed Up EA Hairs

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 26th Aug 2015 at 5:57 PM
Updated: 28th Aug 2015 at 5:10 PM - Added more information, changed the category, and tweaked the formatting.

The first of two parts, I started this project because I wanted more hairstyles for my townie sims. There are a lot of beautiful custom hairs out there, but for all the cashiers and bartenders and other random sims who seem to build up in my saves I didn't want to use those super high poly CC meshes on them. So I went through and stripped off all the ugly junk that EA puts on so many of their hairstyles, redid the textures, and made a few other various improvements (such as resizing them, correcting bad mapping, fixing bone assignments, and the like).

These hairstyles are for teen, young adult, adult, and elder females. They appear in the everyday, formalwear, sleepwear, swimwear, athletic, career, outerwear, and naked categories and are set to valid for maternity and valid for random. The styles that have a recolorable accessory can be found in the hat section of the catalog. They are NOT default replacements, nor do you need the original version for them to work. Furthermore, these hairs have:
  • Proper mesh tangents (so no weird shine in CAS).
  • Reduced lower LODs.
  • Fat morphs when needed.
  • Smooth and accurate bone assignments.
  • Scalp and face textures (on most of them).
  • Normal maps.
  • New diffuse with Anubis' EA highlights for the control.
  • Custom thumbnails for easy identification.

Polygon Counts:

Adelaide - 3978
Beatrice - 2182
Caroline - 3958
Delilah - 2249
Eleanor - 4037
Francesca - 3289
Genevieve - 3790
Helena - 2505
Isabel - 3714
Jacqueline - 3607
Katherine - 3418
Lydia - 2790
Matilda - 3872
Naomi - 3708
Ottilie - 3332
Philippa - 2347
Quintessa - 3200
Rebecca - 2224
Sophia - 2888
Tabitha - 3788
Ursula - 3624
Vivian - 3262
Winifred - 3632
Ximena - 3786
Yolanda - 3533
Zuzanna - 3508

Additional Credits:

Anubis360 for the control texture, Pooklet and Shockshame for their diffuse textures, Delphy for DABOOBS, Peter and Inge Jones for S3PE and s3oc, Wes Howe for the MS3D plugins, CmarNYC for the amazing meshing toolkit, Nysha for putting up with my questions and her invaluable advice on this (and all my projects!), and heaven for her support and feedback. <3