Warmed and Cozy Fire Buffs Hotfix

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Uploaded: 4th Sep 2015 at 1:14 AM
It's 45 degree Celsius out there in the desert. You found a cabin and you decided to light the fireplace just because you wanted to get your Sim a nice moodlet and force him / her into the "Elated" mood for optimal skill gaining! Seriously? You know what? This is SLAVERY. If you want to have you Sims live comfortably and realistically, go for the mod.

- When the temperature is at 15 degree Celsius / 59 degree Fahrenheit or higher, you can't receive the Warmed Buff and Cozy Fire buff anymore, ie, from fireplaces and bonfires.
- Exception: the Warmed buff from flaming bar drinks in LN; the Cozy Fire fom having Flame Fruit in your inventory; Warm Fuzzies from Angel Food Cakes aren't handled at all.

This is a pure scripting mod. Conflicts are next to non-existent. This mod should require the University EP patch (as it contains coding for the bonfire moodlet and work with all patches onwards, I believe.

Install and uninstall as usual. Nothing special.

The temperature is tunable. Note that by EA coding the temperature should be in Fahrenheit. Some people may expect the "f" in "59f" (the tunable value) to stand for Fahrenheit. No, a big no. It stands for "Float" which is a datatype. No matter what, just don't think you can remove the "f' to use Celsius instead.

Sometimes the moodlets reappear for a few minutes and then disappear again, this happens randomly due to EA stubbornly trying to re-add the moodlet all the time while my mod tries to remove the moodlet all the time. Hmm... This happens especially with the bonfire, let's just say that in hot summer bonfire parties, you just find the bonfires sometimes too hot and sometimes nice and warm.

Now that's a hotfix indeed, isn't it??? (pun intended)

Additional Credits:
S3PE; my Sims (I was lazy and in the debug set temperature cheat, I typed in 100000000 for the temperature in Fahrenheit... I guess it's too hot no matter if there's actually a fire...)